Winners of PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards respond to COVID-19

Defending the region, protecting its citizens

Real estate developers have helped shape cities across the Asia Pacific region through all types of developments, from housing projects to commercial venues to entertainment centres. In times of need, they have always been available to lend a hand.

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, the winning developers of Asia Property Awards have stepped up to do their part in helping the region cope — in helping you stay safe — proving that they are socially responsible even if it doesn’t benefit their bottom line.

Philippines Property Award-winning firms prove to be dependable during the COVID-19 outbreak
Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) winners help the nation cope amid the COVID-19 crisis
Winners of the Indonesia Property Awards stand strong against the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 crisis unveils socially responsible Asia Property Awards (Singapore) winning developers
Thailand Property Award-winning developers pay it forward in the midst of the pandemic
Winners of Vietnam Property Awards help ease the nation’s woes in the throes of the pandemic
Winners of Myanmar Property Awards vow to keep all hands on deck amid the outbreak
Cambodia Property Award-winning firms demonstrate generous acts of kindness during the outbreak
Winners of Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) wage war against the virus, succeed months later
Winning developers of Asia Property Awards (Australia) encourage citizens to #StayHome in the wake of the pandemic
Asia Property Awards (Sri Lanka) winners selflessly devote their time and resources to combat the virus

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards redefines standards

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards has been celebrating the biggest and best achievers in the world’s most dynamic markets here in Asia for more than a decade, but there is so much more to our awards programme than meets the eye. Since our establishment, we have been promoting the value of Corporate Social Responsibility by recognising developers who are relentless in their pursuit to minimise their carbon footprint and help underprivileged communities.

For our 15th year in the business, we’re taking it a step further by honouring developers who adhere to the core principles of Environmental, Social and Governance in their day-to-day processes.

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