Cambodia Property Award-winning firms demonstrate generous acts of kindness during the outbreak

A selfless move that portrays their commitment to help prevent the reemergence of the virus

Cambodia has been one of the most successful countries in the region to eradicate the virus. They have had only 122 cases and zero casualties to date. In fact, it has been a month since they have detected a new confirmed case, Health Minister Mam Bun Heng told the World Health Assembly.

Since the confirmation of the first case on 27 January until the release of the last recovered patient on 16 May, they have been working relentlessly to stop the spread of the virus, which is why they have established the National Committee for Combatting COVID-19 headed by Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Combatting COVID-19 headed by Bun Heng.

Moreover, the Finance Ministry revealed that the government has agreed to allocate around USD400 million to the stimulus package. They have also ordered schools, cinemas, nightclubs, casinos, gyms and fitness centres, and massage parlours and spas to temporarily close, reported the Khmer Times.

“Cambodia has been working hard to quickly respond to the pandemic effectively and treat all 122 COVID-19 patients detected in the Kingdom, and achieved a recovery rate of 100 percent,” said Bun Heng.

“Although the Kingdom has no more patients receiving treatment, has no new cases and recorded no death, the virus situation in many countries in the region and the world has still not abated,” he added.

Because of this, he is urging citizens and essential businesses to still abide by stringent protocols to ensure prevention of a possible second wave of the virus, particularly since the World Health Organization has not yet recognised a vaccine.

Supporting the government’s advice, the winning firms of Cambodia Property Awards have offered donations to help control the spread and instructed all employees to follow preventative measures.

Peng Huoth Group, the Best Developer winner who also took home the title for seven categories and five highly commended trophies at the 4th PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards 2019, has donated USD100,000 to the Cambodian Red Cross to help vulnerable citizens in rural areas and remote communities. They have also contributed another USD100,000 to the Royal Government of Cambodia to help them combat the pandemic.

As for their business, they have introduced a quick and secure online payment portal to reduce the risk for their clients.

Urban Hub (Cambodia) Co., Ltd has been distributing free face masks to the public for the past couple of weekends. They have also postponed their events to minimise public gathering and have resorted to other methods of marketing, from offering private consultations to releasing the Urban Village Online Viewing platform.

The developer won the Best Condo Development (Asia) award at the 14th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final 2019. They also garnered three titles and two highly commended trophies at the 4th PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards 2019.

CC Peninsula Co., Ltd won the Best Condo Architectural Design and Best Condo Interior Design at the 4th PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards 2019. Among the efforts that they have implemented to help the country is the enforcement of the COVID-19 Awareness Training to all employees. At their construction sites, they have required all workers to wear masks and have put up safety precaution banners in most areas. As for their sales galleries, they sanitise the premises daily, enforce employees to wear masks, check everyone’s temperatures, provide hand sanitisers in high traffic locations and give out free masks to those in need.

Cambodia may be doing well in dealing with the virus, but the government and our winning developers remain on high alert to ensure that the Kingdom continues to be COVID-19 free.