Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

Simply create an online account for your company in our Awards Entry System. Once you have registered you can enter multiple properties. The form can be completed at your leisure, as it will be automatically saved on our server. Once complete, press submit to accept our Terms and Conditions and your entry will be processed and passed onto the panel of judges for assessment.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Entry?

At the end of the entry process you will tick a box to accept the following: ‘Please select below which categories you would like to submit for. Please note that you will be required to purchase an Awards Marketing Package for each category the development is shortlisted for and tickets for your company to attend the gala dinner. Each category has 1 Winner and up to 4 Highly Commended. For more information please email [email protected].

By accepting the Terms of Service you are confirming that you have the financial authority or appropriate permission to purchase Awards Marketing Package(s) in all shortlisted categories. If your entry is not shortlisted, there is no fee or any financial commitment required. If you receive Best of Best recognition at local level and wish to be considered for the regional grand finals you will be required to purchase ticket(s) for your company to attend that gala dinner also. Awards Marketing Packages are not compulsory for the Grand Final.

Can I edit the entry after submission?

No. Once submitted the entry can no longer be edited. If you have submitted by mistake, please contact [email protected].

Do I have to pay to enter?

No, there is no entry fee. However, if your company or your development is shortlisted for an award, you are required to purchase an Awards Marketing Package, including exclusive logo usage rights.

What is shortlisting?

Each category will have 1 Winner and up to 4 Highly Commended as selected by the independent panel of judges. All will be presented with a certificate and a trophy (Winner only) onstage at the gala dinner and receive a host of other benefits.

What is an Awards Marketing Package?

An Awards Marketing Package includes rights to display an Asia Property Awards logo, a banner with the logo and your award details on it for use online, in print and outdoor, photo usage rights from the Gala Dinner, and an array of other marketing solutions, including unlimited usage of Gala Dinner footage, extensive editorial exposure in the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards yearbook, advertisement in Property Report Magazine, feature in Project Spotlight on with branding, contact info and link to your website, prominent call-to-action button linking directly to your enquiry page, and special packages on PropertyGuru websites and/or with our local media partners.

Why don’t you charge entry fees instead of making the purchase of Awards Marketing Package(s) compulsory?

We want our judges panel to be 100 percent independent and we do not want to charge entrants without being able to deliver them something. Apart from the disappointment of not being shortlisted, there is no additional disappointment of wasting money on an entry fee and getting nothing.

If I am not shortlisted, I do not have to pay anything?

Correct. There is zero financial commitment for non-shortlisted companies.

Why do I have to pay for the Awards Marketing Package? Shouldn’t it be free?

If we didn’t charge participants something the Asia Property Awards would not exist. We add a great deal of value to the packages with extra benefits from local media partners and exclusive exposure and promotion across PropertyGuru websites. Having the logo use licensed also means that we can get full trademark protection for it and ensure that it is not misused, which increases the value for legitimate users. Finally, it ensures that entrants think carefully about the categories in which they want to enter and achieve success. With no charge at all, then developers who could devote most resources to entering the most categories would overwhelm them, making it harder for smaller developers to stand out – leading to a limited and less transparent selection of Winners.

Do I get a discount on the Awards Marketing Packages if I am shortlisted for more than one award?

No. We believe the Awards Marketing Packages offer excellent value for money already and have many flexible options available within them. All must be purchased at the full price so please do not request discounts.

I only want to pay for Winner Awards Packages and not Highly Commended, is that possible?

No. The more popular categories in the awards can have up to 30 entries. All must be shortlisted to one Winner and a maximum of four Highly Commended. Highly Commended means your project or business is one of the best in the category in the entire country and receiving it can have many strong marketing benefits. Also, in order to add even more value to our customers, Highly Commended packages start at 20 percent less expensive than Winner packages.

Can I pay to win an award?

No, not under any circumstances. The awards are all decided by an independent panel of judges in each country, overseen by HLB, one of the world’s leading accounting and auditing firms. The organisers do not involve themselves in the judging process in any way whatsoever. The judges are all experts in their field, give time to the awards on a voluntary basis and act with the utmost integrity at all times. Following site inspections, all Winners are decided after a detailed and open debate at the judges meeting, in the presence of an HLB representative. Anybody that attempts to bribe a judge will be permanently disqualified from the awards.

Are you part of any government organisation, NGO or trade association?

No, the Asia Property Awards are solely owned and operated by PropertyGuru. We work with lots of organisations to promote the awards, but we are an independent business.

How many projects can I enter?

You can enter as many projects under your company as you wish once you have created an account.

How many categories can I enter?

Your project can enter all eligible categories, but please remember that you will have to pay for an Awards Marketing Package for every category in which you are shortlisted.

Who judges the awards?

Each awards programme is judged by an independent panel of judges who are experts in local real estate in each country. They mainly come from the fields of consultancy, property asset management, surveying, architecture and design and law. Each judging panel has a majority of local judges with the rest made up of expatriate leaders in their field. The judges panel works entirely independently with no influence from the organisers whatsoever. They meet 3 to 4 times to decide the shortlist and conduct site inspections for all shortlisted properties. For more information, click here.

How can I use the logo?

We encourage you to use the logo across all available media – web, print, outdoor or TVC – to ensure that it helps build your brand and sell more of your property. We also have some simple display rules to follow. Please click here for those.

I have a problem with my marketing budget. Can I withdraw from some categories or all the awards?

We will always prefer to work with you to find a solution, but if one cannot be found we will allow withdrawal after submission provided a site inspection has not taken place for development entries. Design entries can be withdrawn up to 6 weeks before the gala dinner. No withdrawal will be permitted once the shortlist has been released. We do not want to waste our judges’ valuable time, so please consider very carefully before requesting this.

Who supervises the judges?

All awards are supervised by HLB International is a global network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. Formed in 1969, HLB services clients through member firms in 159 countries, with 32,839 partners and staff in 968 offices worldwide. They ensure that the Awards are fair and transparent. For more information about our Official Supervisor, visit the official HLB website.

What is Best of the Best?

Best of the Best are the Winners in the Developer, Boutique Developer, Condo Development, Housing Development, Green Development, Commercial Development and Design categories in each participating market of the Asia Property Awards. They go onto compete for the ‘Best in Asia’ recognition at the annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards. All Best of the Best companies receive a trophy and certificate. There is 1 Regional Winner in each category, while the other grand finalists will be honoured as Country Winners.

Do Best of the Best shortlisted companies have to buy an Awards Marketing Package?

No. At country level, the Best Condo Development, Best Housing Development and Best Commercial Development Winners do not have to buy an additional package. They receive the additional logo for use with our compliments. Regional Winners and Country Winners companies and developments at the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final have the option to purchase an additional Awards Marketing Package, including logo license rights, but it is not compulsory.

Can a Winning or Highly Commended project enter again in another year?

Yes, as long as it still matches the eligibility criteria. The judges make an assessment based on their inspection of a project, so if your project has had a lot more construction than the previous year, it will stand a good chance of receiving higher recognition.

If I don’t make the shortlist, can I enter again the following year?

Yes, as long as your project still matches the eligibility criteria and has had further construction.