Success at home and at work: The exceptional women who are breaking gender barriers

For Mother’s Day, we applaud the inspirational women who continue to shatter gender norms by being both a successful Mom and real estate leader

Being a Mom is in itself a full-time, never-ending, selfless job. Reaching the top of a career ladder as a woman also comes with a myriad of challenges. Imagine accomplishing both at the same time.

The strength and determination to achieve such an impressive feat and be successful in both areas can only be achieved by exceptional women. Fortunately, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, Asia Real Estate Summit, and Property Report team have been lucky enough to have met and interviewed some of the most impressive Mom leaders throughout the years.

This Mother’s Day, we are pleased to share with you a compilation of female real estate leaders who continue to break gender barriers at home and at work:

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These women prove to us that, despite all the hardships that you will probably have to go through, you don’t have to sacrifice your dream job to be a good Mother — or vice versa. Once again, Happy Mother’s Day!