Assisted living public housing for seniors in Singapore to launch in February 2021

Singapore welcomes its first assisted living HDB flats in Bukit Batok for seniors

View of a modern public housing estate in Singapore. 1000Words/Shutterstock

An accommodated living public housing for the elderly will launch in Bukit Batok, starting sales from February 2021 on a Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise, to provide for seniors who wish to live independently while enjoying care and communal commotion.

According to The Straits Times, this new type of flat includes a mandatory service package to assist seniors to age in place, according to the Ministry of National Development (MND), Housing Board (HDB) and Ministry of Health (MOH).

The package covers services such as 24-hour emergency monitoring and response, simple home fixes, basic health checks, and activities at the communal areas within the premise. Other services like laundry, meal delivery, housekeeping, and shared caregiving can be provided at an additional cost.

All residents are required to subscribe and pay for the basic service package, starting from SGD22,000 (USD16,565) for a 15-year tenancy.

The first batch of Community Care Apartments, located in Bukit Batok West Avenue 9, consists of 160 units to be finalised in 2024.

In order to apply for such flats, residents must be 65 and above. Seniors can select a lease from 15 up to 35 years, in five-year increments, given that it covers the applicant and their partner (if any), until they are at least 95 years old.

Unit prices start from SGD40,000 (15-year lease) to SGD65,000 (35-year lease) and must be paid fully upfront with cash or with Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies.

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These flats may not be rented out or resold. If the owner no longer needs the unit, they can return it to the HDB, in which a refund will be designated in the value of the remaining lease of the flat.

From now to 31 March 2021 at the HDB Hub atrium in Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, the public can access a life-sized exhibit of the communal space, as well as the scale models of the flat and block. A showroom of the flat will be available from 4 January 2021.

Desmond Lee, National Development Minister, said, “this pilot will broaden today’s options for seniors who require some care and support within their homes but are still able to and wish to live on their own.”

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong also commented, “Our seniors can look forward to living independently even as their care needs change and enjoy more opportunities to stay active and take charge of their health through specially curated programmes and services. Seniors and caregivers will also be better able to navigate the spectrum of social and health support services with help from the community manager.”