Who’s who: Top industry players join the honourable judging panel of the 12th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) 2022

Combined, the judges’ specialities ensure that the most outstanding developers and designers are appraised with the highest of standards

Some members of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) judging panel with the organisers at the Leaders Luncheon last 12 May 2022

PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards has grown to become the biggest and most respected real estate awards programme in the region since its inception 17 years ago. With an independent judging body, composed of top-notch experts in their respective fields, the programme has made a mark in rewarding the most innovative designs and solutions, the most iconic and sustainable infrastructure, and the masterminds behind them. 

Celebrating 12 years, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) is among the markets that have emitted excellence in development and design even throughout such an unprecedented time. To give us a glimpse into the process, the highly respected independent judging panel shares their insights and experiences from the previous year’s programme: 

“The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards is a celebration of the excellence that can be found in real estate across the region. It’s an opportunity for developers to challenge and inspire each other, and try to outdo themselves every year.” 

Kristin Thorsteins
Head of Partnerships – SEA at IWG PLC
Chairperson of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) judging panel since 2021 

“To me, the Gold Standard of a development in this industry is one which meets the functional and practical needs of the current generation, yet intertwined with a captivating design and also retains a focus on sustainability so that the development remains a hallmark for generations to come.”

Chua Shang Chai
Partner at Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP  

“If we are talking about the Singapore property market, generally our building and construction and design quality, is actually a very good standard. What I would quite like to add to this is really about the green and sustainability aspect of the building design, like with the COP26 agreement, which Singapore was a part of. There will be a lot more green and sustainability requirements that will come into play in Singapore, and particularly in the property market and I believe that it will be a central theme of building quality standard requirements in the next few years.”

Henry Woon 
Director at Atelier Ten

“The judges are all industry professionals from the building and real estate industry so we’re privy to the process. What we really try to do is instil a lot of vigour when debating the various criteria and seeing deserving winners take home the prize. What we’ve also tried to do is improve on our criteria every single year. We make the process clearer, more robust, and a lot more efficient to the entrants, as well.”

Joelle Chen
Sustainability Director, Singapore at Lendlease 

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Kah Poh Tay (left) with Chairperson of the Judges Kristin (right)

“Singapore property projects have always been top class in many ways – efficiently functional, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable, and lifestyle-driven. Thanks to a consumer-oriented regulatory framework and a highly competitive market, Singapore-based developers, architects, and builders constantly challenge each other to innovate and deliver value to the market.  In this context, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards is a major initiative that spurs all industry players to achieve greater heights.  I look forward to being a part of this.”

Kah Poh Tay
Adjunct Assoc Prof at NUS Dept of Real Estate

“Historically, Singapore has done very well in the regional Awards, largely due to the mature market in Singapore and the wealth profile of the buyers in Singapore so the developers really have to try hard to stay ahead of the competitors.”

Greg Shand
Architect at Robert Greg Shand Architects

“I wish that more developers and built environment professionals can participate in the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards and be recognised for their excellent contributions in bringing innovation, excellence, sustainability, and quality lifestyle for generations.”

Teo Ho Pin
Senior Adviser, Surbana Technologies Pte Ltd

“There is increased focus on blurring the boundary between live and work. Flexible space that can be converted to a home office with a view was a rising trend in the entries in the past year for residential properties. For the non-residential sector, focus on sustainability and quality of space and accessibility to green gardens in common areas remain a trend, which is fantastic.”

Wenhui Lim
Partner at SPARK Architects
Former chairperson of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) judging panel from 2018 to 2020 

Each year, the judges are mandated to follow stringent guidelines set by the Awards to ensure that each candidate is judged without prejudice. The award-winning global network of auditing and accountancy firms HLB are also present at all judges’ meetings as the Official Supervisor, guaranteeing that the judging remains impartial and fair. 

Find out more about the judging process at asiapropertyawards.com/judging-process/