The Green Real Estate invites enablers and leaders to a one-day seminar focused on sustainability

Do you know that about four billion people in the Asia Pacific region are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution? This is your chance to do something.

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On February 27 in Bangkok, Thailand, the Green Building Consulting & Engineering company will be hosting the second edition of The Green Real Estate seminar and business matching sessions.

Centred around the theme “Step Into Asia’s Green, Smart, and Healthy Real Estate,” the event aims to encourage leaders to consider the environmental impact of their projects and learn ways to reduce their carbon footprint. But why should you be interested?

In 2018, the United Nations Environment Programme published a report revealing that around four billion people, or approximately 92 percent of the population in the Asia Pacific region, are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution that could pose serious health problems.

Just a week ago, the Air Visual data registered Bangkok as the third-worst air quality in the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Asia Pacific region is also responsible for 60 percent of mismanaged waste, according to nonprofit research organisation Our World in Data, which is why The Green Real Estate annual seminar is crucial not only to increase awareness, but to hopefully address such issues, with support from the industry’s top minds

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Through the Green Real Estate seminar, the Green Building Consulting & Engineering company hopes to urge decision-makers to take the lead in developing sustainable cities here in the Asia Pacific region.

This one-day event will feature expert speakers who will discuss a range of sustainability topics, including the green energy and sharing economy model, the circular model, and much more.

Samantha Allen, the director of market development at International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) Asia, will share the WELL approach on how industry leaders can benefit from understanding the crucial link between design and human experience. She will illustrate how people-focused architectural design can improve the health and well being of the occupants, which can then produce favourable tangible results for the office and retail tenants, residential dwellers, and hospitality stakeholders.

Moreover, they have invited sustainability and financial experts to take part in the panel discussion about the financial incentives for green buildings, the growing emergence of ESG performance rating, as well as the financial value proposition and economics of sustainable buildings.

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The prestige lineup of speakers will include the founder of the Green Building Consulting & Engineering Armelle Le Bihan, the president and CEO of BCPG Khun Bundit Sapianchai, and the first vice president of Kasikorn Bank Ittiporn Intravisit.

This year, the host added a business matching session to connect hospitality stakeholders with solution providers who will introduce sustainable practices and innovations, such as energy-efficient HVAC, water-efficient systems, responsible building materials and facade, green energy, eco-friendly interiors, green walls and pools, smart tech, and waste management.

The official sponsors for The Green Real Estate seminar are Somfy, Archetype, Saint Gobain Gyproc, and Grundfos. The PropertyGuru Property Report magazine is the official media partner.

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