Sri Lanka embarks on a new scheme to promote sustainable tourism

Hundreds of key industry players in the country pledged to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals

Members who signed the commitment aim to minimise any negative effects on the cultural, historic, social, or natural environment. krivinis/Shutterstock

In mid-August, over 180 distinguished decision makers of Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, along with their German colleagues, gathered together online to launch a new scheme that will promote and encourage sustainable tourism in the country, reported The Island – Sri Lanka. 

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Freedom in Sri Lanka, in partnership with Berlin-based global management consultancy Löning Responsible Business and Human Rights, organised the virtual event. 

During the online gathering, industry leaders signed a commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, including the Acting President of the Sri Lankan Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers, the Sri Lanka Chauffeur Guide Association, the Travel Agencies Association, The Hotels Association Sri Lanka, the Presidents of the Sri Lanka Tourism Advisory Committee, and the Chairman of the Sri Lankan Association of Incoming Tour Operators. 

Representatives of the sustainable tourism pilot group, including the country’s premier hospitality and travel brands, were also present to sign the commitment.  

Beginning 16th of August 2021, the scheme is open to all investors of the country’s tourism industry. It is based on the following approaches: 

  • Knowledge transfer in the form of gap assessments, process optimisation, trainings, and support for certifications. 
  • Public awareness through online activities with the tourism associations, political representatives, and corporate decision makers from Germany and Sri Lanka, and the specialised media in Germany.
  • Digital platform implementation to encourage sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. 

Members who signed the commitment aim to preserve the social and economic benefits of tourism development, as well as to minimise any negative effects on the cultural, historic, social, or natural environment. 

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Said members also pledge to help fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals in terms of fair working conditions, health and safety, good governance, respect for communities and cultural heritage, efficient use of resources and infrastructure adaptation, and ecosystem conservation and stewardship; and to use its framework to design individual sustainability management systems, strategies, and operations. 

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Gynen Kyra Toriano, Digital Content Manager at PropertyGuru, wrote this article. For more information, email: [email protected].