Repair and maintenance of concrete surfaces and structures of a building is important

Structural safety audits must be undertaken every four decades at least and after every extreme seismic incident says Madhav Raman, Co-Founder, Anagram Architects.

What kind of maintenance is required for the existing buildings which have come into existence as a part of the modern construction methods?

In recent times, to enhance speed, scale and resource efficiency, the construction sector has seen wide digital integration of construction information technology through Building Information Modelling (BIM). It has become a critical information chain connecting design through construction to operations and therefore to service & maintenance. So, in operations, a fundamental maintenance exercise is maintaining accurate and updated BIM models.

What are some of the key materials which will forge the buildings of the future?

Currently, innovations that involve new‐age chemical or electro‐magnetic curing, carbon fiber and silicon polymer technologies are yielding composite materials that display unprecedented workability, performance and physical durability. These are the materials that will soon replace more traditional materials with greater embodied energy per volume.

ACE Update interacted with Madhav Raman during the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (India) 2021. He was one of the esteemed judges involved in the selection of the winners.

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