Fang Lei

    Mr. Fang Lei, a renowned interior designer, the pioneer of modern minimalist design, the guide of urban elite’s lifestyle, is also the founder of One House Design. In recent years, Mr. Fang has won multiple domestic and international interior design awards. Mr. Fang believes that the designer’s thinking is the combination of sensibility and rationality,

    Wang Shaoqing

    CLV.DESIGN  is derived from the French word “cest la vie” This, is life “The leader in the “integration of R&D and design innovation Currently, we have researched more than 100 innovative products such as real estate standardization, innovative product lines, and patent issues Always leading the trend of the industry Practitioners with design creativity and

    Eunice Wu

    With more than 20 years of experience in design consulting and property development & management, Dr. Eunice Wu has worked on a wide range of project typologies, including commercial complexes, healthcare facilities, exhibition projects, residences and urban renewal in mainland China, Hong Kong, and abroad. Projects planned and steered by her have won many well-known

    Wei Jinjing

    Wei Jinjing is the Founder and Chief Creative Director of Nature Times Art Design. With rich experience in the design industry, he is skilled in the perfect balance between creativity and execution. He has taken part in different large scale projects, so that he can provide accurate positioning of design concepts. He founded Nature Times

    James Woo

    Mr. James Woo is a fellow member of RICS and member of AICFC, has more than 27 years experiences in valuation and advisory services for real estate, business valuation, distressed assets, plant & machinery, intangible asset, intellectual property, stock and financial instruments across mainland China. James has participated in and led more than 100 IPO

    T.K Chu

    T. K. Chu is an architect, interior designer and product designer, who graduated from the Department of Architecture in Tamkang University in Taiwan, China. As the founder of T. K. Chu Design and T K HOME, an original furniture brand, Mr. Chu has always stayed in the cutting edge of new design ideas and created

    Luo Minjie

    Mr. Luo Minjie graduated from Tsinghua University with major in architecture. He specializes in ecological planning and architectural design for Shuimei Village, and has been gaining rich practical experience in rural revitalization projects, which has formed the rural design concept of “natural growth of waterfront, creation of original cozy life”. Several rural revitalization projects taken

    Huang Gaohua

    Huang founded DesiDaily in 2013 and became its editor-in-chief. DesiDaily is China’s most active Wechat Official Account in the design field, with the largest number of followers and views among all vertical Wechat design platforms. It boasts more than 2.2 million followers. So far, more than 100 articles published on the platform have captured 100K

    Cindy Jiang

    Born in China, Cindy Jiang obtained her Master’s degree in Building materials and housing science from the Tongji University and her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Shenyang Jianzhu University. Working as an architect and real estate developer, with the cooperation of pioneer designers at home and aboard, Ms. Jiang completed plenty of bench-marking projects from

    Jesse Wang

    Born in Taiwan, China, Jesse Wang is a famous interior designer offering creative decoration and furnishings solutions. He graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) with a major in Architectural Engineering, and further studied in Rhode Island School of Design. Currently based in Shanghai, Jesse has participated in and steered the interior

    Xu Junfen

    With 14 years of experience in the property industry, Xu Junfen has steered a wide spectrum of projects including residences, commercial complexes, office buildings, five-star hotels, educational institutions, and elderly-care facilities, etc. She works to create warm living experience for clients, advocates the organic integration of master planning, architecture, landscape and interior, and empowers space

    Li Qing

    Li Qing was born in 1982 in Suzhou, China. From 2008 to 2010, he received undergraduate and postgraduate education in Queen’s University Belfast, majoring in civil engineering. After graduation, he worked in Shenzhen OCT Properties Co., Ltd., with his role turning from a salesperson to sales manager in few years. In 2014, he was dispatched

    Pablo Laguarda

    As Founder and Principal of Laguarda.Low, Pablo has over 40 years of experience as an architect and planner. He is an ardent student of the profession and has established himself as a mentor within the practice, encouraging young designers to think outside the box. With a deep understanding of the profession, Pablo’s creative design approach

    John Low

    As Co-Founder and Principal of Laguarda. Low Architects, John has almost 30 years of experience as an architect and planner. He possesses experiences in all phases of project development with a great emphasis on design. John leads and coordinates multi-disciplinary design teams on a variety of complex projects. With an impressive portfolio of mixed-use, retail

    Zhong Ling

    Chinese architect Zhong Ling is the founder of DUTS design. He is a French National Registered Architect, and got HMONP Architect Qualification for Practicing in Europe. He is also EMBA of China-Europe International Business School and Guest Teacher of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He studied Architecture in ENSAPLV (Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris la

    Chou Kuang Ming (Ray)

    Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou was influenced by and learned a great deal from European culture and travel while studying in Spain. His design is informed by a blend of western logical thinking and the pursuit of the oriental lifestyle reflects a fusion of eastern and western culture and his deep Chinese cultural roots.

    Luo Yun

    Ms. Luo Yun holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Zhejiang University, a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Dalian University of Technology (DUT), and an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). Having been serving Greentown China for more than a decade, she is committed to carrying forward, enriching the spirits of

    Guo Nu

    Famous architect, Mr. Guo has presided over or participated in a number of heavyweight cultural and creative industry design, such as Beijing Planetarium, The Science and Technology Museum of China, and LA Live! (The landmark building in downtown Los Angeles), the renovation of Chongqing Huguang guild hall historical and cultural commercial street, Liaoning Publishing Group

    Ken Ip

    The author of “Life Hacks” and “Growth Hacks”, Ken is an award-winning brand strategist, Associate Professor, columnist and expert commentator in Tech, Real Estate, Branding and e-Commerce. Ken has held a number of senior roles from corporate consulting to public affairs advisory for leading multinational and conglomerates. Ken was formerly the Head of Marketing at

    Coco Lin

    Coco Lin is a Principal at B+H Architects, a leading global design and consulting firm with 67 years of award-winning work. With more than 20 years of experience in planning, architecture, interior design and real estate consultancy, Coco has a broad skillset across sectors that has contributed to the successful delivery of many large-scale projects

    Shih Nanchiao

    He has dealt with thousands of cases, and won the reputation of “space magician” due to the handling of small apartment and mezzanine space. Adhere to the consistent fine space cutting technique, “small space, large use; Big space, big action. He has been invited by TV station to complete the public welfare transformation project for

    Zhang Li

    Mr. Zhang Li, graduated from the School of Architecture of Nanjing Tech University, is the founder and the design director of Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhang Li, the design director, takes it upon himself to contribute innovative project solutions, each of which is therefore created with unprecedented elements and new possibilities. Zhang

    Kay Kuo

    Kay Kuo graduated from University of Los Angeles with a degree in Fashion Industry Design Merchandise (FIDM). She founded Maxk Design at 2002. Kay Kuo is a space aesthetic designer with a sophisticated sensibility. During past 18 years, Kay Kuo has lead the international design team of Maxk Design finished more than 1000 different types

    Feng WeiMo

    Mr. Feng is a Master of Architecture degree from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (E.S.A.) in Paris, France. Awarded “China Interior Design 40 UNDER 40 ” in 2016-2017, worked at AteliersJeanNouvel, France, founder and design director of MOD Design. The concept of “design helps people to solve problems and improve the quality of life” attracts a