Wei Jinjing

Wei Jinjing is the Founder and Chief Creative Director of Nature Times Art Design. With rich experience in the design industry, he is skilled in the perfect balance between creativity and execution. He has taken part in different large scale projects, so that he can provide accurate positioning of design concepts. He founded Nature Times Art Design in 2018, a design team that provides a diverse range of services, including boutique architectural design, interior design, furniture and furnishings. They work closely with each client to understand and meet their requirements while crafting distinctive design solutions that express the unique characteristics of each project.

The company’s Chinese name “CHUN SHAN QIU SHUI” symbolizes the changing of the seasons and the natural cycle of life. It is a reflection of their ongoing journey to seek design truth and achieve harmony and unity among time, space and nature. Its brand stands for warmth, sincerity and the pursuit of design excellence.