6 guiding parameters to upgrade your workplace environment in the digital economy

Prof. Jason Pomeroy talks about the rise of the digital economy and its impact on the workplace

Jason refers to the Amazon office in Seattle as a prime example of a fifth-generation office. AlexCimbal/Shutterstock

The advent of the technological revolution in the early 20th century was characterised by advancements in technology and significant shared equity. As businesses and manufacturing firms started utilising computers and the World Wide Web to optimise their operations, they also discovered the beauty of working remotely. 

However, it was only in the 21st century when technology was officially coined as the fourth industrial revolution or what is commonly known as industry 4.0. It symbolises the transformation of business operations across the globe from analogue to digital. Industry 4.0 is also greatly associated with the term smart, which refers to devices that make our lives easier and more convenient. 

Throughout these transformations, the modern workplace that you are familiar with is already the fifth of its generation.

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According to Prof. Jason Pomeroy, founder of Pomeroy Studio and Pomeroy Academy and one of our panellists at the 2019 Asia Real Estate Summitthe changes involved in the previous generations focused primarily on “objects that shaped the way man and woman went about their average working day, rather than spaces and places that were shaped by the people working there.”  

Whereas, he defines the fifth-generation offices as places that “encourage heightened level of flexible working, knowledge sharing and collaboration in an environmentally sensitive campus arrangement.” 

Based on its vast historymodern workspaces must take these three pillars into accountspace as urbanisation has practically exhausted most, if not all, available areas; culture as one’s cultural identity could get lost in the midst of rapid globalisation; and technology as tech disruptors can substantially improve our day-to-day life. 

With that in mind, Jason shared six guiding parameters to improve your office environment in the digital economy. Read the in-depth article at asiarealestatesummit.com