To tackle climate change, start at home

Hari V. Krishnan, CEO & managing director at PropertyGuru Group, at the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final 2018.

As we help our communities in Southeast Asia build back better, sustainable urban living should take the center stage. It starts right from the home we choose, and how we plan to build and manage it plays a central role to how healthy our community and city will be.

PropertyGuru is determined to make a difference in the countries where we operate in. Take Singapore for example – PropertyGuru is committed to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and building a better home for our future generations.

Property developers across Southeast Asia are also joining the move towards a greener tomorrow. We have seen an increase of 50 percent in entries of green projects nominated for sustainability awards categories at our PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards. This means that even when property seekers buy homes as an investment, making a greener choice will likely result in increased demand from renters and future buyers.

To build this future, we must choose to make better decisions and demand more from ourselves. This change needs to start now – in our mindsets, our behaviours, and our actions.

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