These nations spend the most time researching property

Emiratis devote the most hours to property viewing every week, with Taiwanese and Singaporeans leading the charge in eastern Asia

HSBC and Toluna survey average time spent on viewing property. SvetaZi/Shutterstock

The United Arab Emirates, US, and Taiwan, in that order, spend the most time viewing property in a week, according to an online survey conducted by Toluna for HSBC.

The average person in the emirates spends 6.6 hours viewing property weekly, while the average American clocks in 4.95 hours.

Those living in Taiwan average 4.54 hours a week on property research, followed by those in Mexico with 3.56 hours.

Singapore spends 3.29 hours on property viewing, higher than the UK with 2.65 hours and Australia with 2.51 hours.

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For perspective, the average person in Australia spends just 1.08 hours at the gym and 0.88 of an hour talking to parents every week, HSBC’s survey noted.

The survey, conducted between November and December with 11,932 respondents, showed that home buyers are “taking their passion for the perfect home to the extreme,” said Alice Del Vecchio, head of mortgages for HSBC Australia.

“An industry of property magazines, TV programs and websites is making it harder than ever to have realistic expectations about what you can afford – with many Aussies putting off important life stages, like having children, in the quest to afford the perfect property,” she said in a statement.

Canada and France spend relatively less time researching property, clocking in at 2.08 hours and 1.74 hours, respectively.