Vietnam unveils goal to becoming the ‘leading tourist destination in SEA’

The nation hopes to welcome over 18 million international visitors by 2025

Vietnam is also becoming a big factor in global supply chains. Efired/Shutterstock

Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism implemented the Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy to 2023. According to Vietnam Plus, this strategy was made in order to promote and position the country as a leading attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia. This strategy would also solidify the country’s tourism brand and competitiveness.

In accordance with this strategy, the tourism sector would adjust itself to build up and increase the awareness, understanding, interest, and satisfaction for Vietnam’s tourist attraction. This would make the nation appear more attractive as a tourist destination and further improve its chances of being a first-choice destination for high-spending and long-staying guests.

Marketing would be covered under the strategy, as well, with its mentions of improving the nation’s ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Tourism Development Capability Index and other marketing-related lists. They’ll be working on increasing the effectiveness of their digital marketing in order to reach more people and gain more interactions.

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With the help of this strategy, the nation would have a fully recovered tourism sector and be welcoming over 18 million international visitors by 2025. Domestic visitors would reach up to 130 million, growing at the rate of eight to nine percent every year as new forms and tourism products are developed and promoted.

The fact that Vietnam is also becoming a big factor in global supply chains also  helps prove Vietnam to be a good tourist destination. According to Asian media company Nikkei Asia, the nation was the final push that made western and Japanese auto plants get reduced in terms of production. It proved itself to have potential of becoming a key production site for semiconductors amongst high-tech products, thus making the country more sustainable. This paints Vietnam in a good light in the eyes of its trade partners.

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