The 11th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) are now accepting entries across new, diverse categories

A celebration of success with prestigious recognitions for outstanding achievements in China

BANGKOK, Thailand — Organisers of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) have announced an expanded roster of categories for the programme’s 2024 edition.

The 11th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) are now accepting submissions ahead of the highly anticipated presentation ceremony on Friday, 13 December 2024. This prestigious event will be held at The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok, promising a day of celebration and recognition for outstanding achievements in the Chinese property sector.

Submissions from eligible entrants are currently being accepted via until 13 September 2024.

Key dates for the 2024 edition:

  • 13 September 2024 – Entries close
  • 23 September – 14 October 2024 – Site Inspections (Hong Kong and Macau)
  • 16-17 October 2024 – Final Judging
  • 13 December 2024 – Awards Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 13 December 2024 – Regional Grand Final Gala Presentation in Bangkok, Thailand

Embracing change, underscoring innovation

The latest edition of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) features an expanded list of categories that embrace change and underscore innovation in the real estate industry.

New categories in 2024 include titles for affordable residential developers as well as the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) awards for companies that lead in sustainable design, sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and social impact.

New World China won the coveted title of Best Developer (Mainland China) in 2023

Outstanding projects can also compete for new categories distinguishing the country’s finest investment properties; lifestyle developments; nature-integrated projects; and sales galleries.

Jules Kay, general manager of PropertyGuru Awards and Events, said: “Following the successful return of our awards programme to a physical format last year, we eagerly anticipate another celebration of success in China this year, recognising exemplary leaders and professionals in property development, architecture, and design. With innovative ideas and a commitment to quality, the real estate industry across Asia demonstrates resilience and adapts to challenges. As the Gold Standard of real estate, we believe the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards inspire creativity, stimulate solutions, elevate standards, and will ultimately help drive positive outcomes for the property sector in China.”

The Best in Asia

Top winners will have an opportunity to compete with their peers for the coveted titles of “Best in Asia” at the 19th Annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final on 13 December 2024.

China showcased exceptional projects at last year’s 18th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final where developments such as The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong by Sino Land Company Limited; M8 by China Construction Engineering (Macau) Company Limited; and New Bund 31 by Shun Tak Qiantan (Shanghai) Cultural and Real Estate Company Limited garnered regional acclaim.

Shun Tak Qiantan (Shanghai) Cultural and Real Estate Company Limited rose to regional acclaim at the 18th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Final in 2023

The winners of the 2024 awards will be determined by an independent panel of judges, composed of experts in the property sector and related fields. The judges conduct a transparent, fair, and impartial selection process under the supervision of HLB, the global advisory and accounting network.

Ken Ip, chairperson of the Awards in Mainland China and chairman of Asia MarTech Society, said: “The Mainland Chinese property market continues to demonstrate remarkable resilience and innovation in the face of headwinds. Last year’s landmark edition of our awards programme showcased the incredible dedication and creativity of developers and designers, setting new benchmarks across China’s real estate industry. Building on this success, we are glad to open entries for the latest edition of our awards, featuring exciting new categories that reflect current trends and opportunities.”

China Construction Engineering (Macau) Company Limited was also unveiled among the Best in Asia at the Grand Final in 2023

Paul Tse, chairperson of the Awards in Hong Kong and Macau and president of the Macao Association of Building Contractors and Developers, said: “Last year saw the remarkable achievements of the Hong Kong and Macau property sectors showcased on the international platform of the awards. As we embark on a new edition of the awards in 2024, we anticipate an even more robust display of excellence, growth, and development in these cities. We look forward to developers and designers embracing change, exploring fresh opportunities, and guiding consumers towards a more brilliant, sustainable property market in Hong Kong and Macau.”

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The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) are part of the regional PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards series, which marks its 19th year in 2024. The series covers key markets across the region, spanning Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania, with exclusive gala events and ceremonies that represent the most anticipated property events of the year.

Organised by PropertyGuru Group (NYSE:PGRU), the 11th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau) programme is supported by official partner Anjuke; official marketing partner Global Design Awards Lab; official magazine Property Report by PropertyGuru; official publicity partner Molihua Media Group (MMG); media partners Mingtiandi and The Standard; and official supervisor HLB.

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