Taiwan’s Penghu archipelago flourishes as tourists make their return

At least 30 daily flights between Taiwan and the outlying country are now maintained  

Air and sea transportation between Taiwan’s main island and the outlying county has been increasing lately. CHENMINCHUN/Shutterstock

As reported on Taiwan News, tourism in Taiwan’ Penghu Country is finally reviving since the slowdown of the pandemic, as an influx of tourists hit back the attraction sites across the archipelago.  

According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the Penghu archipelago, known as the pearl of the Taiwan Strait, is composed of 90 islands immersed with history, culture, stunning ocean views, and other natural wonders.  

Air and sea transportation between Taiwan’s main island and the outlying county has been increasing lately, with more than 3,000 tourists visiting the archipelago in the last week of August, as claimed by CNA.  

Larger planes have been stationed to fly the route, with at least 30 daily flights between Penghu and Taiwan now set regularly. 

In terms of sea transfers, at least two ferries currently travel the passage.  

Visitors have been seen at Kuibi Mountain’s “Moses parting the sea” path in Huxi Township.  

The well-known attraction is a 300-meter path that offers the illusion of the sea parting when a thin strip of land between Penghu’s main island and an uninhabited islet is laid bare by retreating tides. 

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Barbecue restaurants have also been filled with tourists that want to enjoy seafood caught in the waters of the tourist mecca.  

The Penghu County Tourism Department said that 4,472 airline tickets to Penghu were made available for the past Mid-Autumn Festival, after flights were already added to complement the original 402 flights accommodating 26,000 passengers during the holiday. 

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