Real estate personality of the year

Tipaporn Chearavanont

Khun Tipaporn Chearavanont has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Thailand Property Awards Real Estate Personality of the Year Award 2012.

Unlike the rest of the awards, which are chosen by an independent panel of judges, the editors of Property Report South East Asia magazine select the recipient of the Real Estate Personality of the Year award. Each member of the team puts forward a candidate and the winner is selected based on the following criteria:

  • his/her company’s overall impact on the quality of the Thai property market
  • his/her personal influence on Thailand’s business development
  • his/her ability to innovate and introduce creative approaches to real estate growth
  • his/her commitment to philanthropy

A graduate in Electrical Engineering from Boston University, Khun Tipaporn Chearavanont is a leading figure in Thai real estate, leading Magnolia Quality Development Corporation and Magnolia Finest Corporation Limited, a property development business and member of the DT Group of Companies, of which she is Chief Executive Officer. A well-known business figure in Thailand and abroad, Khun Tipaporn has a long career in corporate management and has been in charge of several prominent companies including DiDesigns Co., Ltd, D Plans (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd, Dees Supreme Ltd, and Courtesy Service Co., Ltd

“Khun Tipaporn has an impressive reputation in property and business development as evidenced by this year’s launch of Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard by Magnolias Finest Corporation,” commented Jules Kay, managing editor of Property Report South East Asia Magazine. “The decision to award Khun Tipaporn the Real Estate Personality of the Year Award was based not only on her exemplary record as Chief Executive Officer of a number of high profile companies, but also on her strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Khun Tipaporn’s philanthropic activities, as well as her contributions to and impact on the Thai property market certainly deserve such recognition.”

In 1999 Khun Tipaporn started the Buddharaksa Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping underprivileged children to receive an education. Focusing on the intellectual and spiritual education of children, the foundation aims to better their futures and give them an opportunity to contribute to society. In 2008 followed the iCare Awards (Innovation World’s CARE Award), which was established by Magnolias Quality Development Corporation with a mission to create projects and activities to foster sound conscience to the society under the concept of “Great ideas for the world I care”.

“We are delighted to bestow this honour to Khun Tipaporn,” added Kay, “and we look forward to presenting her with the award at the Gala Dinner on 13 October at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok.”