Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) seeks revival of Victoria property market

As the second biggest property market in Australia, REIA is calling on the Victorian government to take action

View of Flinders Street from Flinders Station in Melbourne, Australia. ProductionPerig/Shutterstock

In agreement with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), REIA is appealing to the Victorian government to bring back the need for contactless activities in the real estate sector, including one-on-one inspections, reported the Macquarie Port News.

The institute also requests property access for professionals so they can produce digital marketing materials like videos and videos, whilst adhering to social distancing measures.

President of REIA Adrian Kelly revealed that he has already communicated with Premier Daniel Andrews, in which he wrote and laid out the significance of keeping the real estate industry operating, with health and safety standards in place.

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According to him, “a healthy property sector has been a crucial support to economic growth and can be expected to play a vital role in Australia’s recovery in these unprecedented times.”

“Victoria is critical to this as our second-biggest residential property market with 30 percent of Australian capital cities and 20 percent of Australia’s rental market, and nearly 80,000 dwelling sales annually.”

He added that they are devoted to collaborating with Australian governments to control the risks in the wake of the pandemic. “We understand that other sectors are able to conduct similar activities and believe the real estate industry should be provided a level playing field,” he concluded.