Coming soon: 7th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) 2020 virtual gala

A truly immersive, interactive, historic event gathering the outstanding movers and shakers of the Malaysian property scene

UPDATE: Ladies and Gentlemen, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) live broadcast is postponed at a later date due to technical issues. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Official statement from Jules Kay, Managing Director, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards & Events: 

Dear friends and colleagues,

After many months of preparation, yesterday (28 August) should have been the day we launched the inaugural edition of the virtual gala broadcast for the 7th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia). To our great regret, we had to postpone the event. We apologise to all of you who worked hard to bring this event together, but remain committed a wonderful show for  developer clients, sponsors, members of the press, and our partners.

What happened?

For those of you who have participated in our award shows before, you will know that we strive for nothing but the highest of standards. We worked hard over the last several months to replicate that experience virtually. That aspiration motivated us to pioneer a new format. In assembling the different components of that innovative format, however, we faced some unexpected challenges at the very moment we were ready to go live. These challenges can be overcome but required more time than we had available tonight. Needless to say, we are disappointed.

What’s the plan forward?

We continue to be excited about the Awards night that we have planned for you. Expect it to be an inclusive event featuring participating developers, judges, real estate agents and prominent personalities. Expect the finest properties and developments in Malaysia, interspersed with exclusive interviews and practical insights from the industry leaders who are building the country. The show will also reach the largest audience of investors and property seekers ever brought together virtually in Malaysia on a single night.

In addition, we will integrate an exclusive live chat section on our website so that nominated developers can connect with their peers and clients as if they were together in the room.

We are strengthened by our conviction to celebrate the achievements of the Malaysian property industry. With many of you our long-standing partners, we continue to be committed to giving you the best platform to spotlight your successes.

We look forward seeing you all in September 2020 for our first-ever PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) virtual gala.


The new broadcast date will be announced soon.

For the first time in the history of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, the general public will have the opportunity to participate in the grandest night of the year for Malaysian real estate.

The 7th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) will be held as a virtual gala event and awards presentation, broadcast globally via online platforms – giving viewers full, “front-row” access to the most prestigious real estate awards programme in Malaysia. 

With health and safety front-of-mind, the filming of the virtual gala event and awards presentation was conducted in a closed studio setting. Consumers and real estate agents for the first time ever will join shortlisted property developers, special awardees, and the outstanding builders of Malaysia’s skylines to watch these outstanding developers as they accept their awards via remote video.

The entire event is multi-streamed on and via official channels, including YouTube and Facebook, from 5:30pm to 7pm Malaysia Standard Time (GMT +8). The broadcast date will be announced soon.

This immersive, interactive event allows viewers to celebrate the achievements of Malaysia’s finest property developers in real time and on multiple online channels. During the broadcast, there will be engaging video clips, stylish photos, and remotely recorded speeches, plus exclusive interview clips with event sponsors and members of the independent judging panel at a “Virtual Red Carpet”, the pre-show of the virtual awards presentation.