New design concepts for homes following the COVID-19 pandemic

Flexible homes and private green outdoor spaces are some of the ways home design may change  

Lockdown has deprived many of the greenery outside, creating higher demand for private green outdoor spaces. NewAfrica/Shutterstock

According to, renovations to improve home landscapes have increased as people more spend at home, and here are some design concepts that may become more prevalent following COVID-19.  

The kitchen is a central element to every home, and with people storing more non-perishable items and groceries for longer periods, they require bigger pantries and the latest kitchen equipment and gadgets. 

The work-from-home (WFH) trend has spiked amid the pandemic, so people now need flexible homes that have clearly defined rooms to separate home and work life, as opposed to the popular open floor plan. Large rooms will be multipurpose, increasing the popularity of modular and multi-functional furniture.  

Further accommodating WFH, people need home offices to provide a conducive atmosphere for effective productivity. There will be greater demand for functional private offices, and many have opted to build their offices in the front garden to feel like they’re leaving home to go to work.  

Lockdown has deprived many of the greenery outside, creating higher demand for private green outdoor spaces. Architects will have to find ways to incorporate the outdoors in homes, no matter how small they are, such as green roofs, setbacks, and balconies.  

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To help decrease contaminants transmission, homes need to have increased ventilation by implementing exhaust fans or simply opening windows. Natural ventilation and lighting strategies cannot be overemphasised in order to maintain good mental wellbeing and indoor air quality.  

Moreover, touchless technology is expanding to halt the spread of germs. Features such as hands-free sinks, automated lights, and voice-controlled smart devices are now essential to the modern home to support comfort and health.

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