Myanmar housing authorities shift focus to affordable homes

Quality of residential property has fallen in last 20 years, government admits

Yangon, Myanmar. Viewfoto Gallery/Shutterstock

Housing authorities in Myanmar vowed anew to create policies that will widen low-income property seekers’ access to affordable homes, the Myanmar Times reported.

“Although regulations have been created for luxury housing, there is no law covering the ordinary apartments. The government is working to draft such regulations under the National Housing Development Law,” said Daw Mi Mi Tin, deputy director general of the Policy and Project Section of the Department of Urban Housing and Development (DUHD).

“The quality of housing built by the government and the private sector in the last 20 years has fallen. The government is focusing on management, maintenance, and drafting laws and regulations, while the private sector has been advising the government.”

DUHD will be halting new housing projects, although it will allow under-construction developments to be completed, she revealed.

Under regulations of the Housing Welfare Committee, the department will be selling completed apartments this month in addition to units set to be completed in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Meanwhile, the President’s Office is forming management committees that will effectively set into motion provisions of the Condominium Law, noted Daw Mi Min Tin. These committees will be tasked with such responsibilities as the registration of condominiums; establishment of rights for residents; and implementation of housing management.