Mongolia finally reopens after two years

Fully vaccinated tourists can finally visit the country

Mongolia’s cabinet brought down the pandemic state of readiness from orange to yellow. Chantal de Bruijne/Shutterstock

After two years of sealing off its borders and several lockdowns, Mongolia is once again ready to welcome international travelers.

The borders closing took a toll on the country’s economy, as many businesses shut down, there was an influx of unemployment, and it dented the exports significantly. 

Fully vaccinated tourists can finally visit the country, but official advisories on wearing masks, social distancing, and hand sanitising will still be in place.

Mongolia’s cabinet brought down the pandemic state of readiness from orange to yellow, which means that they are lifting all restrictions on business operations.

According to Xinhua, Mongolian Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene shared that the country will be canceling its state of readiness, which was imposed in February 2020 because of the pandemic. He stated, “Today, the Mongolian government made a decision to cancel the nationwide regime of heightened state of readiness. I would like to declare that Mongolia is now fully open to international traffic or tourism.”

Once fully reopened, fully vaccinated tourists and investors can expect the government to provide what is necessary to make sure that those arriving in the country for business and leisure will be safe throughout their trip.

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Currently, 92 percent of the adult population in Mongolia are fully vaccinated. Additionally, most people in targeted groups have been boosted. This, noted by The Nation.

ReliefWeb shared that storage and deployment of the vaccines, however, have been quite a challenge, says the head of the vaccination unit of the National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD). 

Vaccines cannot be stored in aging infrastructure, which is why the Central Storage for Vaccines and Bioproducts was completed in three months with the project financing and opened in August 2021. With modern engineering and safety systems to ensure safe and effective deployment, the system is energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant.

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