Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) lifts the bar as Platinum Sponsor for the 19th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards

The leading provider of vertical transportation solutions reaffirms its commitment to excellence by sponsoring the Kingdom’s top industry awards event

The 19th PropertyGuru ThailandProperty Awards is set to make a splash with Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) (MET) once again at the helm as Platinum Sponsor, marking their third consecutive year in this role. A stalwart in the real estate sector for over 46 years, MET dominates the vertical transportation market in Thailand, offering a comprehensive range of elevators, escalators, and moving walks that epitomise the pinnacle of safety, quality, and reliability.

For deeper insights into this successful partnership, the editors of Property Report by PropertyGuru engaged in a discussion with the Managing Director of Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr.Katsuya Kawabata:

How does your company’s sponsorship of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2024 reflect its strategic objectives and values within the real estate sector?

At Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand), we would like to create awareness of our position, we are the world-leading entity on safety along with quality in the Elevator and Escalator business. We are not only focusing on Elevators and Escalators but also connected to building solutions for the modern world and market trends such as Thailand entering an ageing society. We offer solutions that are suitable and can meet the needs of the customers as much as possible. Including our emphasis on after-sales service, we are ready to provide long-term efficiency of our products, and we provide 28 service centres throughout Thailand and are prompt to serve clients with safety, quality, comfort, creating a liveable and sustainable society for everyone.

In what ways does your company plan to promote diversity and inclusion within the real estate industry through its sponsorship of the awards, and how will this be evident in your participation?

With more than 46 years of experience, we would like to present that we are the leader in the Elevator and Escalator business, we can provide the best solution to various types of buildings in Thailand.

Whether you are an existing customer of our product or not, we would like to invite you to a different and innovative experience. We believe that we can provide the best solution for you with safety, quality, reliability, comfortability, and effectiveness in our products and services.

Through providing our products and services friendly to the elderly and people with disabilities. We would like to contribute to create liveable cities and comfortable lives to everyone.

What steps is your company taking to support sustainability and responsible development, in line with the Awards’ mission, and how does this demonstrate your commitment to both top-notch performance and environmental and social responsibility?

We create a social value starting with contributing to the achievement of the SDGs because we realise sustainability is the cornerstone of our company. We always strive to achieve the well-being of people, creating a safe society, the example of our activities;

  • One Lift You Need, One Seed We Plant: The project aims to increase green areas for sustainable living in society, so with every elevator sold, we will plant one tree for society. We hope this will decrease air pollution and filter air for our society. We have been running this project since 2009.
  • Hometown School Development: The project was selected from MET employees’ hometown schools to build a building for schools and students in rural areas. The new building was designed by students from the International Program In Design & Architecture, Chulalongkorn University and supported by MET. We encouraged them to develop their hometown schools to build their awareness of social responsibility and be proud to be a part of creating utility and values for their hometown and society.
  • Green Technology for Sustainability: We aim to become a global, leading green company. We are working toward the creation of a low-carbon, recycling-based society by applying our wide-ranging and advanced technologies. We strive to be green in all of our business activities. We take every opportunity to reduce burdens on the environment and the impact of greenhouse emissions during each process of our business. For example;
    • Eco products. For our elevators with the Regenerative Converter, these transmit the power regenerated by the traction machine with approximately 20-30 percent power savings. As for our Variable Traveling Speed Elevator System, this system allows elevators to travel faster than their rated speed depending on the number of passengers in the car, thereby improving transport efficiency for traffic improvement without increasing power-supply capacity by 15 percent.
    • Waste Management. To help reduce the burden of disposing of waste from industrial processes, we divided it into general waste, recyclable waste, and hazardous waste. For hazardous waste, we have sent these to an authorized licensed company to make benefits by co-firing in a cement kiln (Co-processing in Cement Kiln Technology) making mixed fuels to be used as alternative raw materials in cement production.

Are there specific products or services offered by your company that the winners of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2024 might find particularly beneficial or attractive?

We want to introduce our building solution called “M’s Bridge”. This is a cutting-edge innovation of maintenance that combines signal data and communications technology with cutting-edge computing data to deliver the services of the future. The concept of M’s Bridge is linking of 4“M’s” – Man, Machine, Maintenance, Mitsubishi.

Nowadays, the service and maintenance of elevators are operated by highly professional service technicians to inspect and adjust equipment when malfunctions are detected. They have scheduled to stop the equipment and check once a month, 12 times a year to inspect the potential problems of the elevator usage (Preventive Maintenance).

The elevator’s maintenance by M’s Bridge system will be performed every second when it is online. The system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to observe abnormalities and send data for processing by artificial intelligence (AI) systems which have sophisticated intelligence that can predict (Precision Predictive Maintenance) the likelihood of sub-device failures in advance with accuracy.

Moreover, we have our own installation and maintenance team to take care of our customers, we provide 28 service centres nationwide and are ready to service 24 hours. You can be assured that you will receive the highest satisfaction with our products and services. MET continues to change and grow to create a sustainable liveable society for people.

What particular elements of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2024 are you most looking forward to?

Since Thailand is ageing fast and has become the second most aged society in ASEAN, MET has been considering this market trend and we can offer the solution to fulfill customers’ needs by providing our products and friendly services to the elderly and people with disabilities for safety, comfort, and efficiency with quality products and service. We would like to contribute to create liveable cities and comfortable lives for everyone.

We hope PropertyGuru will offer us a highly engaged target audience of decision-makers and give us to make valuable contacts with the new real estate developers in Thailand.  This is a chance to reach key developers, architects, interior designers, investors, and consultants, and we are ready to be a part of the driving force for real estate developers in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leader in Thailand’s elevator and escalator industry, commits to the highest safety and quality standards, leveraging over 46 years of extensive experience. By integrating advanced technology from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation with proven expertise in safety, quality, and environmental protection, the company aims to exceed customer expectations and contribute to societal well-being. As an employer of choice, the company provides exceptional solutions and services to enhance building operations throughout Thailand, ensuring sustainable development.

Since its inception in 2005, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards have been consistently recognising and honouring exceptional contributions in the field, covering various aspects such as property development, construction, architecture, interior design, and eco-friendly building methods. Over time, the scope of the awards has broadened to include 13 vibrant property markets across the region, embracing locations like Australia, the Chinese markets, and Greater Niseko in Japan.

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