Mitsubishi Electric Asia returns to support the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) as 2023 official Gold Sponsor

The country’s premier go-to brand for air conditioning systems and electronic equipment aims to honour industry players through this continued partnership

As the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) turns 13, it is with great honour that we welcome another year of support from Mitsubishi Electric Asia that offers superior quality electric and electronic equipment, as the official Gold Sponsor for 2023.

Sharing the same vision as our innovative real estate leaders in consistently enhancing the state of living of its users without causing environmental disruptions, Mitsubishi Electric Asia is the perfect ally to our long-running prestigious awards programme.

We are once again honoured to be chosen as PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) partner. Together, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the credible and forward-thinking developers who go beyond the boundaries to drive innovation and urban development of sophisticated urban centres throughout Asia,” stated Mr Ke Yam Cheong, Senior General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Living Environment Division.

Since its inception in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has evolved to be the go-to brand for air conditioning systems around the globe. In a bid to lower its carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly, the company has introduced a series of energy-efficient air conditioners.

This series uses a more climate-friendly refrigerant called R32, which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) that is two-thirds less than its predecessor. The R32 is also easier to recycle and uses 20 per cent lesser refrigerant thus helping to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

“The global impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident. As a socially responsible organisation with a shared vision of a sustainable future, we are dedicated to introducing initiatives that foster a low-carbon, promote energy efficiency, recycling-based society in harmony with nature.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements and milestones ahead, as we work hand in hand to build resilient, inclusive, and sustainable metropolises. We believe we will create positive change in our communities,” he added.

With this partnership, the company takes another step forward in promoting a sustainable future as the Awards programme spearheads in rewarding builders and designers who are one with nature.

Established in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer in sales of electric and electronic equipment. Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been offering high-performance products and services, ranging from home electronics to factory automation, space systems, public utility systems, and semiconductors in Asia Pacific.

Launched in 2005, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards has an unparalleled reputation for being credible, fair, and transparent, with an independent panel of judges and trusted awards supervisor. The programme hosts several annual gala dinners in physical and virtual formats, welcoming hundreds of C-level executives, senior industry figures, and property seekers from around the region. 

Widely recognised as a professionally-run international awards series, the 18-year-old programme continues to set the gold standard for achievement and success in the Asia Pacific real estate sector. 

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