Mitsubishi Electric Asia renews Gold Sponsorship for PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) 2024

Celebrating another year of partnership, focused on sustainable real estate innovation

Mitsubishi Electric Asia continues its role as the official Gold Sponsor for the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) in 2024, marking another year of steadfast support for this prestigious event.

Celebrating its 14th year, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) remains at the forefront of recognising excellence in real estate, with Mitsubishi Electric Asia – a renowned player in the industry, in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications — playing a pivotal role in honouring the industry’s finest.

Sharing the commitment to innovation and sustainable living, Mitsubishi Electric Asia aligns perfectly with the awards’ ethos, highlighting real estate leaders who prioritise environmental stewardship while enhancing the quality of life for their users.

“We are once again honoured to be chosen as PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) partner,” expressed Mr. Ke Yam Cheong, Senior General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Living Environment Division. “Together, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the credible and forward-thinking developers who go beyond the boundaries to drive innovation and urban development of sophisticated urban centres throughout Asia

Since its establishment in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been a preferred brand globally for air conditioning systems. The company has made significant strides in environmental sustainability, notably through its energy-efficient air conditioners that utilize the R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant not only has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than its predecessors, but is also more recyclable and reduces energy consumption.

“The global impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident,” Mr. Ke added. “As a socially responsible organisation with a shared vision of a sustainable future, we are dedicated to introducing initiatives that foster a low-carbon, promote energy efficiency, recycling-based society in harmony with nature.”

This ongoing partnership underscores Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s commitment to a sustainable future, recognising and encouraging builders and designers who harmonise their creations with nature.

“We look forward to celebrating the achievements and milestones ahead, as we work hand in hand to build resilient, inclusive, and sustainable metropolises. We believe we will create positive change in our communities.”

Mitsubishi Electric Asia, a subsidiary of the globally renowned Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, was established in 1977. The company has consistently offered high-performance products and services across a broad spectrum, including home electronics, factory automation, space systems, public utilities, and semiconductors, predominantly in the Asia Pacific region.

The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, initiated in 2005, stands as a testament to credibility, fairness, and transparency in the real estate sector, featuring an independent judging panel and a trusted awards supervisor. The programme, now in its 19th year, is celebrated for its integrity and professionalism, setting a benchmark in the real estate industry in Asia Pacific. The awards series hosts gala events in various formats, attracting a multitude of industry leaders and property enthusiasts from across the globe.

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