LG Studio and Nate Berkus cook up a special partnership

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Sometimes the best recipe for success is when two worlds merge and create a beautiful marriage, so when electronics giant LG announced earlier this year that it would join forces with renowned American interior designer Nate Berkus for its premium kitchen line, it made perfect sense

Berkus, who signed a multi-year engagement with LG Studio, manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances, has been named artistic advisor for the company’s suite of premium products. Although the collaboration is mainly concentrated in the United States market, Berkus’ expertise and feedback should impact the design of all LG Studio’s products worldwide.

“His sophisticated yet accessible style resonates with homeowners on a global scale,” said David Vanderwaal, director of home appliance brand marketing at LG Electronics USA.

Indeed, the 43-year-old, who became a household name after his memorable appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and on his own syndicated talk show The Nate Berkus Show, has a keen eye on aesthetics and innovative concepts. His vast experience as founder of award-winning Chicago-based Nate Berkus Associates design firm makes him more than qualified to guarantee that LG’s premium kitchen line of built-in products would deliver the perfect harmony between design, function and technology, according to the LG executive.

“Specifically from a design perspective, he helps ensure LG Studio appliances continue to meet evolving consumer needs and stay at the forefront of kitchen design trends,” Vanderwaal added.

“Together we want to introduce products that will anchor the heart of the home, which is always the kitchen, as well as enhance the ease and style of how people live there,” Berkus stated in the beginning of his partnership with the multinational electronics company.

Recently, the partnership started a social media campaign in which Berkus starred in a web-based series to respond to consumers’ enquiries regarding kitchen remodelling and design concepts. Filmed in New York City, the LG web series, which premiered online last June, became a hit, reaching a global audience in a trendsetting fashion with a personal touch, and covered various subjects such as colour palette selection, entertaining-in-the-kitchen tips, and other design-related challenges.

In one episode of the interactive web series, Berkus told this Property Report journalist why he decided to create an exclusive alliance with the premium kitchen appliances manufacturer.

“I partnered with LG Studio because [it> is a company that cares just as much about design as [it does> about technology,” he said. “It’s a fantastic partnership.”

Using LG Studio’s products as examples, Berkus explained in another episode how a high-tech kitchen could help simplify and enhance one’s lifestyle at the same time, such as having a programmable oven that shows recipes, or a refrigerator with door-in-door feature—an innovation from LG—that gives easy access to favourite compartments of the fridge.

“The future is here, and it’s happening right now,” he affirmed.

Taking their venture to the next level, LG Studio and Berkus also announced at the start of the summer season their own complete kitchen makeover contest called ‘My Kitchen Needs Nate’, where they asked US-based consumers to send home videos of themselves in their old kitchen and share their thoughts on their “dream kitchen.”

The winning entry, which is set to showcase LG Studio’s range of eco-friendly products, including mega-capacity refrigerators, cooking appliances and dishwashers, will feature his signature interior design based on the consumer’s personal background and story. It will be announced in the fall via new episodes of the web series, which would document the meticulous home renovation process, said David.

Whilst the current Studio suite does not offer smart capabilities with mobile devices—at least, not yet—the electronics company, which is a global leader in the mobile phone and smart home appliances industries, assures that it is continuously looking for ways to incorporate technological advances in its premium products, without sacrificing elegance and a sense of style.

“LG is committed to developing products that not only feature innovative technology, but also feature a sleek, integrated design, making them welcome additions to a home’s décor. The LG Studio line adds a high-end aesthetic to any kitchen, with a timeless design and technological innovations that become the centrepiece to homeowners in designing their signature kitchen,” Vanderwaal noted.

And no one will be more thrilled to showcase the combination of style and technology in a designer kitchen than the company’s recently appointed artistic advisor.

“I know technology plays a huge part in everybody’s life, including mine,” Berkus admitted in his LG Studio web series. “So why not pick a place where that can go in your kitchen and look good at the same time?”

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