Watch: Leaders who are creating smarter, healthier, and safer cities

Leaders in the real estate industry converge online for this panel discussion to tackle the human pillar of sustainability. Together, they ponder on how developers and decision-makers around the globe are doing to address sustainability issues and create smarter, healthier, and safer cities worldwide.

Speakers in the panel discussion include Stephen Oehme, Value Management Specialist & Sustainability Advocate/Managing Director at Quantum Thailand Ltd, along with Kristin Thorsteins, Partner at Portman Investment Pte. Ltd., Lynette Leong, Chief Sustainability Officer at CapitaLand Group, Gaynor Reid, Vice President of Communications & CSR Accor in Southeast Asia, Chanond Ruangkritya, Chief Executive Officer at Ananda Development, and Shaishav Dharia, CEO of Townships and Annuity Assets Lodha Group India.

The 2021 PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit will be held on 8 December 2021, focusing on the Data Revolution and sub-themes on sustainability, green building, and innovation. More details will be announced soon.

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