Invest Islands answers to “glamping” trend

Indonesian real estate brokerage believes luxury camping will soon become a major player in Asia’s travel industry

Interior of one of the Torok Hill suites. Image source: Invest Islands

Invest Islands has recognised luxury camping, also globally known as ‘glamping’, to be an “efficient and economical” solution for Asia’s travel industry to exit the pandemic slump, reported The Real Estate Conversation 

Kevin Deisser, co-founder of Invest Islands, said that the results of COVID-19 meant changes to buffets, communal corridors, and shared swimming pools.  

“Asia is going to see a massive rise in luxury camping,” he added.  

“We were already seeing it in the likes of Vietnam and Cambodia before COVID-19 came along, but now with heightened awareness towards shared spaces and a rising trend for outdoor pursuits, glamping is the accommodation option that ticks all the boxes.”  

The term “glamping” derives from the merging between camping and glamour, which may include spacious suites with fitted bath and double bed under a heavy-duty canvas roof.  

As the term also includes domes, yurts, safari tented suites, and even tepees, the global glamping industry is forecasted to be valued at USD4.8 billion by 2025, based on the report of US-based Global View Research.  

“The quality of the accommodation remains five-star, yet you are away from other travellers in a stand-alone structure surrounded by the environment,” said Deisser. “There is a reason people were moving away from the traditional high-rise hotels even before the pandemic and it’s because privacy, exclusivity, and a sense of uniqueness is growing in importance.”  

Invest Islands launched its own luxury tented suite option not long ago. Possible surroundings include a tropical forest, a white-sand beach, and a hillside with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.  

The company has won the Best Upcoming Hotel Development’ at the PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards for its Torok Hill Resort project othe island of Lombok.  

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Each of the 130-square metre tented suite includes a four-poster bed, natural stone bathtub, a private swimming pool, and is fully customisable. Prices start from USD79,000.  

“Our tented suites are one of the easiest and most economical ways to own your own luxurious accommodation in Southeast Asia,” mentioned Deisser.  

“The last thing travellers want is to worry about getting sick from other guests and glamping essentially solves that issue.”