India’s infrastructure development journey: From vision to investment milestones

Investors are paving the path to the country’s economic growth and global leadership

India can position itself as a global leader in infrastructure development over the next 25 years. UmeshGogna/Shutterstock

India is making strides towards achieving its vision of becoming a INR3.30 quadrillion (USD40 trillion) economy by 2047 and transitioning from a developing to a developed economy. Invest India discussed how this transition requires robust infrastructure development, with a focus on physical, digital, and social infrastructure. The government has implemented various schemes and policies to achieve this goal, such as the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and the PM GatiShakti Master Plan, and has increased infrastructure spending to 3.3 percent of GDP. 

Infrastructure development requires a public-private partnership approach, with incentives for the private sector to build and maintain infrastructure. Various infrastructure projects have been launched, including the development of new expressways and the expansion of the railway system.

The Economic Times elaborated on the need for India to develop superior quality infrastructure to meet the demands of its growing economy. It is suggested that India needs to adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach to infrastructure development, focusing on areas such as transport, energy, and water management. This will require a combination of public and private sector investment, as well as the use of new technologies and innovations. 

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Emphasis is placed on the importance of creating a sustainable and resilient infrastructure that can withstand future challenges, including climate change and natural disasters. By doing so, India can position itself as a global leader in infrastructure development over the next 25 years.

The National News reported Abu Dhabi’s sovereign investor, Mubadala Investment Company, and the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) are anchor investors in India’s Cube Highways Trust, an infrastructure investment trust. The trust has a portfolio of 18 toll and annuity road assets with a combined length of 1,423.6 kilometres in India. 

The investment marks a significant milestone in the development of India’s infrastructure sector and InvIT, said U.K. Sinha, an independent director at Cube Highways Funds Advisors. Mubadala, which manages over INR23.44 trillion in assets globally, has pivoted in recent years to investments in China and India.

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