India presents growth opportunities for commercial real estate investors

Its growing population is expected to shift the economy and benefit the industry

Commercial real estate industry is becoming more popular and high with demand. PauloseNK/Shutterstock

According to The Economist, India is estimated to dethrone China as the most populous country by mid-2023 and is anticipated to present growth opportunities for the real estate sector.

This shift in the population would lead to lower domestic consumption in China, whereas major companies would turn to India for production or manufacturing, given its more affordable yet quality labour. In fact, CNN found that some western companies have begun shifting their production from China to India or are working to increase the country’s exports as their own products to earn more profit, thus increasing economic activity.

With the economic activity steadily increasing, The Times of India revealed that the return on investments (ROI) of different industries in India is increasing, as well. The commercial real estate industry in particular is becoming more popular and in high demand due to both the growing economy and the re-opening of offices. More and more investors are investing in properties from upscale locations because of this since all their focus is on the inevitable expansion of the industry, indicating that 2023 is an excellent year to grab the opportunity of a high return by investing in commercial properties.

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However, Outlook India noted multiple factors to consider before investing in commercial real estate. Research has to be done on property cost, taxation, local zoning laws, property renting bylaws, and the rental earning potential in order to maximise the profitable opportunity. Once the research has been done and everything is in a good place, then investors may begin their journey. Given the passage of time, putting all these factors into consideration in the beginning would be worth the return years later.

Investing in commercial real estate would not only be a testament to India’s economic growth, but also a golden opportunity to improve the economy.

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