Jakarta plans to build a floating mosque in Ancol

The project, once finished, is expected to become the “new icon of Jakarta”

Ancol Beach Pier, Jakarta, Indonesia. BagusMartada/Shutterstock

Jakarta, the capital of the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, is planning to construct a 2,500 capacity floating mosque in a popular recreational site, reported The Jakarta Post.

PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, a city-owned property developer, will be taking charge of the mosque’s construction on the eastern side of Ancol Dreamland Park, specifically in Ria Beach.

Teuku Sahir Syahali, president director of Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, told the press that renowned architect Andra Matin will be assisting them with the 2,000 square metre project.

The floating mosque will take on a pentagon shape to symbolise the five daily prayers, as well as the five pillars of Islam.

According to Teuku, “The design of the mosque represents the journey of Islam in Jakarta. We will design Ancol Floating Mosque in such a way that it can become a new icon of Jakarta.”

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At 25 metres high, the mosque represents the 25 Islamic prophets that were mentioned by name in the Quran. Outside the mosque, six minarets will be constructed to signify the six principles of Islam.

Meanwhile, the building and qibla will be facing the open sea to encourage natural air circulation and keep the interior cool.

“We hope that the floating mosque will offer visitors a new experience, become a new tourist destination and an icon of Jakarta,” added Teuku.

As of today, the city-owned property developer has not yet disclosed the start date of construction.