Mainland Chinese see Dubai’s property market as a lucrative investment

Driven primarily by the continuous drop in property prices over the last few years

View of the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. NaufalMQ/Shutterstock

Dubai’s property prices have been on a consistent decline over the last few years, prompting growing demand from Chinese buyers, reported Khaleej Times, citing research conducted by, an international property portal for mainland Chinese.

The property portal evaluated Chinese consumers’ trends on property demand for the past seven years, and discovered Dubai as one of their top investment destinations.

To help Chinese investors take advantage of Dubai’s property market, signed a merger agreement with international real estate firm IQI Global, which also sealed a deal with the leading property firm in Dubai Key One Realty Group.

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Group CEO of property firm IQI Global Kashif Ansari said that every week, hundreds of Chinese buyers have contacted them to inquire about investment opportunities in Dubai.

“Dubai has got a lot of prominence among the Chinese investors over the last few years, thanks to massive promotions launched for Expo 2020. There is a lot of awareness and knowledge about Dubai now among the Chinese investors, hence, they inquire about the investment opportunities in the emirates, especially in the real estate sector,” he added.

Following their success in China and Asia, Ansari shared that they are looking forward to serving Indian clients as they search for more profitable foreign investments.