China provides start to tourism recovery

Many countries see China’s lifting of the travel restrictions as a blessing to their economies

Chinese tourists returning give potential to kick off international tourism’s recovery. YavuzSariyildiz/Shutterstock

The recent Spring Festival holiday provided a sudden boost in the Chinese tourism industry, impacting both locally and internationally. According to The Star, the number of visits in local locations and attractions almost equaled the visits they would have received pre-pandemic. The revenue gained from these visits also rose compared to last year, nearly reaching pre-pandemic standards. This was a good sign considering they only recently lightened their travel restrictions.

These growth factors could be observed through multiple travel portals used by Chinese locals and visitors. Both domestic and international flights quadrupled in number, making it the highest booking rate out of any holidays in the past three years.

While most locals headed for Hainan to celebrate the Spring Festival holiday with different types of festivities, many Chinese travellers preferred to fly overseas to countries, such as Thailand and Cambodia among others with friendlier entry policies.

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With Chinese travellers resuming their overseas trips, China Xinhua News noted this return’s potential to kick off international tourism’s recovery, as well as build up China’s relations with the world. Ctrip, the leading online travel agency in China, reported a large increase in the year’s travel reservations compared to last year. 

Chinese travellers who wanted to travel cross-border went to different places such as Australia, Britain, Japan, and various Southeast Asian countries made sure to prepare for the Chinese holiday and provide the best experience to these travellers.

Seeing the outbound tourism from China, many officials and experts predicted them to be one of the best sources of revenue an economy could receive, especially for the economies which depend heavily on tourism. Chinese tourists’ tendency to buy whatever they want and experience culture paired with comfortable accommodations would be beneficial for the destinations’ economies.

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