China hatches scheme to build 4 low-carbon mega data centre clusters

The chosen locations have direct access to energy and environmental benefits to create green architecture 

The clusters will be constructed in the Inner Mongolia region, Ningxia region, Gansu province, and Guizhou province. Eric007/Shutterstock

China will be developing four massive data centre clusters in the northern and western parts of the country to keep up with the data demands of Beijing and main coastal centres, according to Reuters. 

The National Development and Reform Commission shared that the clusters will be constructed in the Inner Mongolia region in the north, Ningxia region and Gansu province in the northwest, and Guizhou province in the southwest. 

The four areas were chosen because of their energy and environmental benefits, which would enable the country to build green and low-carbon mega data centres. 

This decision came as data centres in the eastern part of the country have been unable to expand due to the government-enforced limit on electric consumption. 

Cities in the northern and western regions, known to have an abundance of renewable energy resources like wind and solar power, have already set up data centres to support the coast’s needs. 

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However, the distance from the coast has led to difficulties in offering swift retrieval required by coastal clients who have minimal patience for delays. 

With that said, Reuters is unsure how the planned clusters in Ningxia and Gansu, located 1,000 km (600 miles) from the coast, would address their needs since the distance from its users in the east would lead to data latency. 

The development of these clusters is also part of China’s vision to turn its big data industry into a USD470 billion (CNY3 trillion) sector by 2025, based on the 2021-2025 plan by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published in November 2021. 

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