Chairman of Prince Holding Group named the 2023 Cambodia Real Estate Personality of the Year

Transformative leader has helped shape the Kingdom’s real estate landscape while supporting communities through philanthropy

With the PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards reaching its eighth-year milestone and with the dynamic country progressing amidst economic uncertainties around the globe, the programme has named a formidable individual in the industry as the 2023 Real Estate Personality of the Year in Cambodia.

A visionary entrepreneur, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi, has been driving innovation and progress within Cambodia’s business landscape. As Chairman of Prince Holding Group, he has led the organisation to become one of the largest and most influential business groups in the Kingdom. Emphasising adherence to international standards, Prince Group has achieved success across diverse sectors, including real estate development, banking, finance, and consumer services.

Under Chen Zhi’s guidance, Prince Group has been championing principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Guided by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, the company has embraced sustainable business practices, setting an example for the industry.

Beyond his achievements in the business world, Chen Zhi is also known for his philanthropic endeavours and has consistently shown a deep commitment to giving back to the community through the Prince Foundation, the charitable arm of Prince Group. Thus far, Prince Foundation invested an estimated USD2.6 million in 2022, with cumulative investment topping USD16 million over the last seven years, benefitting over one million Cambodians.

Another initiative, formed with Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, named The Chen Zhi Scholarship, stands as a testament to his dedication to education and youth empowerment. This programme has provided comprehensive scholarships, stipends, internships, and work opportunities to 400 Cambodian university students over seven years, opening doors of opportunity and transforming lives.

His philanthropic efforts have had a lasting impact on various communities, creating positive change and fostering hope for a better future.

With his achievements in business and commitment to philanthropy, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi embodies the essence of the 2023 Real Estate Personality of the Year award. His dedication, leadership, and compassion have set a shining example for the real estate industry in Cambodia.

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