Building resilient urban environments: PropertyGuru For Business’ whitepaper on digital urbanism

Image from PropertyGuru For Business

During the Asia Real Estate Summit 2023 (ARES 2023), PropertyGuru hosted an engaging roundtable discussion that provided a platform for 16 industry leaders from eight countries to come together for an open dialogue. This widely diverse group of experts from various sectors of the real estate ecosystem explored the future of Southeast Asian cities in the digital age and the importance of building resilient urban environments.

At the KL20 Summit held last 22-23 April 2024, Shyn Yee Ho-Strangas, Managing Director, Data and Software Solutions, PropertyGuru For Business continued the conversation by sharing her point of view, expressing that smart cities go beyond technology to foster sustainable development through data and tech.

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The Property Report editors wrote this article. The original version of this article appeared in Asia Real Estate Summit of PropertyGuru Group. For more information, email: [email protected].