Boysen Paints brushes up as official Gold Sponsor for the 12th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards

The Philippines’ top-tier provider of premium paint products has proudly resumed its role as a sponsor, rejoining the elite circle of partners

The 12th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards, eagerly awaited, is delighted to declare the comeback of Boysen Paints as a Gold Sponsor. Known for their superior quality paint products and construction chemicals, Boysen Paints contributes their dedication to excellence and innovation to this prestigious awards programme. 

To enlighten us more about this four-year flourishing partnership, the editors of Property Report by PropertyGuru spoke with the Marketing Manager of Boysen Paints, Mr. Vergel Dyoco: 



How does sponsoring the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 align with your company’s strategic goals and values in the real estate industry? 

Pacific Paint (Boysen) Phils, Inc. shares PropertyGuru’s mission to “power communities to live, work, and thrive in tomorrow’s cities”. As we colourfully mark our 70th year in the construction materials industry, the steadfast goal is to provide the Philippine market with premium quality decorative coating solutions to the evolving needs of tomorrow’s built environment. 

As a sponsor, how do you envision your company contributing to diversity and inclusion in the real estate sector, and how will this show in your involvement with the awards? 

Diversity and inclusion in real estate transcends the good talk with the greater walk. Just as sustainability requires a stewardship mindset, the entire community must work hand-in-hand to ensure proper care. We leverage our reach by our affinity with the Awards that celebrate urban living choices that champion positive change. 

Mr. Dyoco at the PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2023

Regarding sustainability and responsible development, what measures is your company implementing to align with the Awards’ mission, showcasing dedication to excellence not only in performance but also in social and environmental responsibility? 

Boysen Paints continues to spearhead efforts on social and environmental responsibility by actively maintaining third party validations like Lead-safe and Indoor Air Quality certifications from globally recognised agencies. This includes progressive compliance with government regulations and close consultations with advocacy groups. 

Are there particular products or services from your company that winners of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 might find particularly interesting or appealing? 

Boysen Paints takes heed of the clamour for today’s “industrial finish” with KONSTRUKT LUNAR SERIES which features nine unique patterns (i.e., Kaiser, Kavern, Kohl, Kahsmir, Koral, Kanyon, Kaza, Koastal, and Korona) enhancing the posh aesthetics of the zen minimalist. Inspired by the fascinating features of the moon, each faux finish is a visual delight, adding sophistication to any living space. 

Looking ahead, what specific aspects of the 2024 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards are you most excited about? 

In the seasons that have passed since the opportunity to join in 2020, the manner of recognition has evolved into measures and categories that have gone beyond our previous consciousness. We are confident that the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards will delightfully unfold a fresh awareness this 2024. 

For seven decades, Boysen Paints has established itself as a reputable name in the Philippine construction arena, offering a range of high-quality paint products and construction chemicals. Their dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and innovation has positioned them as a preferred supplier among developers, architects, and homeowners. Boasting an extensive array of products and a well-earned reputation for outstanding performance, Boysen Paints consistently leads the way in the industry. 

Since its inception in 2005, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards have been consistently recognising and honouring exceptional contributions in the field, covering various aspects such as property development, construction, architecture, interior design, and eco-friendly building methods. Over time, the scope of the awards has broadened to include 13 vibrant property markets across the region, embracing locations like Australia, the Chinese markets, and Greater Niseko in Japan. 

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