Joint venture projects with international firms are on the rise for Thai real estate market

    Thai developers have been enjoying success of joint ventures formed with foreign developers, especially with Japanese firms, where businesses have been conducted for decades. As reported by Bangkok Post, most of the joint-venture projects being built are condominiums as The Condominium Act allows foreigners to own up to 49 percent of the residential space. The

    Philippines continues to attract Chinese investors

    BusinessWorld reported that according to The Department of Trade and Industry of Philippines, the country has been able to draw more investors from China, which is currently in a trade war with the United States. “More of Chinese investors. Before, only $50 million a year. Very small. Now almost $1 billion,” said Trade Secretary Ramon

    Vietnam sees more demand coming from investors

    The expansion of Gross domestic product (GDP) by percent last year with growth of 6.6 percent this year has made Vietnam one of the hottest investment destination. According to Bangkok Post, the country has 12 free trade agreements (FTAs) and 66 international free trade treaties that have helped it to integrate with the global economy

    Vietnam industrial property market to see positive outlook

    The country’s industrial real estate enjoys more growth Vietnam Investment Review reports the statement made by Nguyen Tran Nam, chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association at the Vietnam Industrial Property Forum 2019 citing that the country’s industrial real estate market continues to create confidence among foreign investors and that it strikes to become one