Australia’s flourishing rental market attracts Israeli proptech start-up

The move signals the company’s intent to expand their global presence

View of The Rocks historic buildings at dusk, Sydney, Australia. M.Letschert/Shutterstock

Guesty, a proptech start-up established in Tel Aviv, has launched their international short-term rental property management platform in Australia to capitalise on its thriving market, reported the Australian Property Journal.

Amiad Soto, co-founder and CEO of Guesty, said that they have been planning to expand their presence to 11 locations around the globe, including the Middle East, Europe, US, UK, and now Australia, which will further their reach to Asia Pacific cities, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

The start-up considers Australia as their primary market, mainly due to the growing number of short-term rentals. Just last year, the total reservations on short-term rentals amounted to USD1 billion, with Melbourne and Sydney as the leading contributors.

Based on the data published by AirDNA and Transparent, the country is made up of 33,500 short-term rentals professionally managed by 750 property management firms.

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“Australia’s growing short-term rental market showcases the significant need for tech solutions to help property managers streamline operational task to scale and grow. We are excited to make an impact with our Guesty platform in the Australian market and support property managers to increase their inventory by relying on tools to help get their businesses to the next level,” explained Soto.

As short-term rentals become more popular, property management companies and professional property managers will eagerly snap up properties as they covet the hottest inventory in key areas.

“With more properties, comes more administrative work, particularly for individuals and companies managing hundreds to thousands of properties at the same time,” he added.

“Guesty allows users to manage listings from multiple online travel agencies including premium partners such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, Agoda, TripAdvisor and more. They can also edit listings, handle guest communication, assign staff tasks and enjoy real-time dynamic pricing – all from the Guesty dashboard.”

Thousands of Guesty users from over 80 countries revealed a 150 percent increase in their annual revenue and a 100 percent rise in annual listings.