Asian investors search for lucrative property deals beneficial in a post-coronavirus world

Assets deemed popular once we recover from the pandemic are warehouses and suburban offices 

Property investment image concept. PanchenkoVladimir/Shutterstock

Asian investors are starting to explore profitable real estate transactions that would be adaptable to changes in how the world operates after the pandemic, reported Bloomberg, citing data from TTB Partners Ltd., who specialise in connecting Asian investors with foreign sellers.

Jonathan Bond, co-founder of TTB Partners Ltd., said that suburban office parks and warehouses that cater to e-commerce firms would become more appealing for those who would want to invest in Europe, as nations across the globe adjust to the changes brought by city- or country-wide lockdowns.

“There was a trend of moving toward remote working even prior to COVID-19 and that has only been expedited by recent events, in particular with travel having a higher risk premium,” said Jonathan.

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Majority of the world’s largest corporations are now examining other approaches to office work amidst the pandemic. Analysts believe that some will move their team to stations in the suburbs, while others may ask their employees to work from home indefinitely.

Interest shown by Asian investors in real estate transactions demonstrates that there are still huge amounts of dry capital standing by for the right opportunity, which may soon be put to good use.