ASEAN is at an advantage to advance in sustainability and green energy

The policies and resources in Southeast Asia can speed up the process of going sustainable

ASEAN wants to transition into a more sustainable region. Fahroni/Shutterstock

Southeast Asia hosted a total of three summits in 2022 all focused on different aspects of helping the region grow. Sustainability and energy were at the centre of these summits, as reported by the ASEAN Centre for Energy

ASEAN’s future would have been a growth in the economy as the net importer of natural gas and coal. However,his is not the direction country leaders want to go towards since they want to transition into a more sustainable region by switching to renewable fuel sources for green energy.

According to the World Economic Forum, the majority of countries in ASEAN were quick to support the shift to green renewable energy. With their focus on the long-term project, their share of it in 2020’s energy mix rose by 14 percent and continues to rise both during and post-pandemic.

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An advantage the region has to take part in this shift is the abundance of raw materials perfect for clean energy products within their borders. To utilise these materials, ASEAN leaders and investors would have to support and fund the project of eliminating the use off fossil fuels.

Climate consultancy Carbon Trust noted principles that would help with enhancing the use of green energy and its efficiency in Southeast Asia. Asean leaders are recommended to improve awareness regarding the energy shift, as well as energy conservation tips. Their positions as leaders should allow them to ensure programmes focused on the cause are governed well, and this involves coordinating with investors and other leaders for their respective funds.

The evolution means that innovative technology could be manufactured to help with both the financial and energy savings. Once the proper technology and methods are established, there should be an allocation for vulnerable groups with no real access to energy enhancing technology for there to be a just transition in the use and efficiency of energy.

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