6 of the world’s super penthouses are in Singapore

Only 11 of them in the world, says Sotheby’s

Wallich Residence features the world’s largest super penthouse. The project won one of the top honours at the 2017 Asia Property Awards (Singapore)

‘Super’ penthouses, or those that are 10,000 square feet (929 sqm) and above, appear to be concentrated in Singapore.

Eleven super penthouses are currently on the market around the world, with six of them in Singapore alone, listings by Sotheby’s International Realty (List SIR) between 2016 and April 2019 showed.

Wallich Residence, winner of Best Luxury Condo Development at the 2017 Asia Property Awards (Singapore), has the largest unit on the list. With a floor area of 21,108 square feet, the property spans three floors or enough space for five bedrooms and a family room. It also offers a private garden, 12-metre pool, cabana, jacuzzi, bar, and entertainment room.

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Hovering 950 feet above the Singapore skyline, the super penthouse has a viewing deck typical of this type of property. “Even more desired are those located at some of the ‘supertalls’ – 1,000 ft to 1,999 ft in height – in major global cities, offering spectacular views of their surroundings. These super penthouses tend to draw much attention and set record prices,” according to List SIR in a statement.

Given the prestige and luxurious lifestyle offering, penthouses “naturally” fetch a higher premium than standard apartments, the auction house stated.

The five super penthouses outside Singapore are in Auckland, Miami, Monaco, and New York, the Floridan city being home to two.