Interview with Habitat Group CEO Chanin Vanijwongse, and other APAC headlines

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For PropertyGuru’s news roundup, we have an exclusive interview with the visionary CEO of Habitat Group, Chanin Vanijwongse. We also look at a “climate-change resistant” island for sale, plus four condo purchase mistakes homebuyers should avoid.

Habitat Group’s visionary CEO pioneers innovative and sustainable real estate

Since its inception in 2012, Habitat Group has carved a niche in the upper-midscale and luxury residential sectors, pioneering unique projects that blend innovative design with functionality.

Under Chanin Vanijwongse’s leadership, the company has flourished, not just in creating lucrative investment opportunities but also in crafting spaces that resonate with modern lifestyles. In this exclusive interview with DDProperty, Chanin offers an insight into the Group’s growth and strategy, shedding light on the philosophy driving their customer-centric and innovative approach to real estate development.

A $54m “climate change-resistant” island for sale

It’s the stunning, remote, untouched island that can be all yours for just under $54m, according to REA Group from a report by the New York Post.

Measuring half the size of Hong Kong, this expansive chunk of remote, undeveloped land off the western coast of Chile is seeking a new owner — and an adventurous one, at that. The pristine property, known as Virgin Island, offers people the chance to be a steward of a sprawling expanse of land and sea in the stunning Patagonian Archipelago.

In addition to being stunning, the diverse ecosystem protects the area from environmental change, as do the neighbouring islands, fjord, and canals of calm waters surrounding it.

4 Condo purchase mistakes to avoid: tips for homebuyers

Purchasing a condominium can be a rewarding venture. However, before you dive in, it’s important to know common purchasing mistakes that can turn your dream home into a headache.

PropertyGuru Singapore provides expert tips and unveils award-winning properties from the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Singapore 2023 that exemplify smart condo choices.

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