The newest device to healthy, safe, and productive work environments – uHoo Aura

Tools for better health and wellbeing are increasingly important as we live in a susceptible world

uHoo, a renowned global indoor air quality management company and a finalist at the PropertyGuru Tech Innovation Award 2020 at the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, revealed a new innovation today: the uHoo Aura, a grade-A indoor environmental quality monitor that offers real-time data and actionable insights on key indoor environmental quality factors to help businesses and building owners create a healthy, safe, and productive workplace.  

As the world dwells in a climate crisis, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, health, safety, and wellbeing have never been a more urgent matter.  

“We need to be measuring our buildings better,” said Jack Noonan, vice president for APAC International WELL Building Institute. “We’re saying that it’s ‘best practice’ to measure air quality in our buildings, but it shouldn’t be best practice, it should be normal practice.” 

uHoo Aura can simply be integrated with any software or building management system, monitoring up to 13 different indoor environmental parameters, such as temperature, carbon dioxide, air pressure, light, and sound, allowing business owners to personalise and track parameters as specified by their needs. Customers may also customise email and push notification alerts on the dashboard to prioritise specific issues, including a view of all the devices in various locations.  

Owners can obtain valuable data on air quality matters to make informed decisions and ensure health, safety, and wellbeing through uHoo Indices. For businesses aiming to accomplish sustainability and green building certifications, the share data option can be exceptionally useful.  

Dustin Jefferson S. OnghansenguHoo CEO and co-founder, said, “we are extremely pleased about introducing uHoo Aura in the market at a time when there is an urgent need for businesses and governments to ensure sustainability by investing in the health, safety, and wellbeing of citizens, employees, occupants, and customers. uHoo Aura empowers business leaders to take control of the air their customers and employees breathe and create healthy buildings, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities.” 

Carmen Jimenez-Ong, CEO and Founder of Menarco Development Corporation, added, “in this pandemic, we realise more than ever that the actions of one person can not only affect his community, but the world.” 

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The unprecedented event has intensified awareness of poor indoor air quality conditions in developments and their negative consequences on health and wellbeing. This has caused companies to seek valid solutions that can help monitor and improve indoor air quality, as well as ensure safe working environments post-COVID-19.  

The Air Health and Virus Index monitored by uHoo Aura can aid businesses in real-time to protect the health and wellbeing of employees and residents by “making the invisible visible.”  

The Virus Index, uHoo’s patent-pending technology, provides scoring on how susceptible the workplace is to virus survival and transmission, together with recommendations on minimising the risk to create a healthier indoor habitat.  

“Interest in health and wellness in the workplace has increased dramatically because of the pandemic and we foresee that businesses and building owners will become more invested in holistic and data-driven approaches to creating healthy buildings,” concluded Dustin Onghanseng.