The Artling marks 7th anniversary with newly launched art sourcing tool for industry professionals

Artling Project aids interior architects and designers in transforming spaces with artwork

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According to Singapore art and design consultancy firm The Artling, the company is delighted to reveal their pioneer in technological capabilities with their latest enterprise– Artling Projects, a B2B art sourcing concierge for industry professionals conceived by up-to-date AI and machine-learning technologies.

Established in 2013, The Artling offers as a bridge for global buyers and sellers to conveniently connect, enabling users to self-create “shoppable portfolios” and “storefronts” and promote their artwork to a wider range of audience.

Alongside spotlighting the best of contemporary art and design from various studios and galleries, The Artling has established their name in the Art & Design industry by providing consultancy services to private and corporate customers like Google, JLL, the Ritz Carlton, and Swarovski.

The Artling has always used cutting edge technology in their business to serve their clients’ Art & Design needs. Their latest venture, Artling Projects, is the industry’s first end-to-end digitised cloud service that seamlessly aids interior architects and designers in transforming spaces with artwork by using forefront AI and machine-learning technologies.

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This groundbreaking online instrument simplifies art sourcing, timeline management, and budgeting into an automated process, enabling users to supervise multiple projects on a single platform.

Talenia Phua Gajardo, CEO of The Artling stated, “as a tech-enabled art consultancy firm and e-commerce platform, we aim to improve both buyer and seller experiences through Artling Projects, the first digital platform in the industry focusing on Art & Design sourcing.”

Gajardo added, “this year has been challenging for many creatives and the more we can help with sales, the more freedom they have to keep creating. The Artling projects will ultimately reduce sourcing times significantly, allowing industry professionals to specify pieces and manage their projects efficiently while creating spaces that inspire and uplift. It is crucial for us not only to build a robust marketplace, but also to ensure we can find clients for our listed creatives.”

Kim Tay, Gallery Director of The Artling, mentioned, “we have a wealth of options listed online and being able to effectively source and place artists’ works into actual projects contributes to the overall art ecosystem. With this launch, we will continue to strengthen our position as a one-stop resource for contemporary art and design.”