Thailand property scion honoured as 2018 Real Estate Personality of the Year

Panote Sirivadhanabhakdi, youngest son of Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, accepted the 2018 Thailand Real Estate Personality of the Year award at the 13th annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards gala dinner held at The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection hotel, Bangkok.

The prestigious honour was presented by the editors of PropertyGuru Property Report to the  Group CEO of Frasers Property Limited and TCC Assets (Thailand) for being a pioneer of large-scale and master-planned mixed-use communities in the kingdom.

Panote’s ventures include the 2017 two-time winner GoldenLand, the country’s first LEED platinum mixed-use building at Park Ventures Ecoplex, and the highly anticipated One Bangkok integrated complex.

What does this recognition mean to you?

It is a true honour to be named 2018 Thailand Real Estate Personality of the Year, and to stand alongside the previous recipients who represent leaders and innovators in our industry.

Together all of us have a role and a duty to change the cities where we do business, to make them more liveable, more sustainable, more people centric. Over the last 10 years, my team and I have tried to create developments which set high standards in design, quality and connectivity. We believe we have been successful so far, and looking forward, we have landmark developments such as One Bangkok, The PARQ and Samyan Midrtown already underway.

What I’ve learned along the way is that creating great projects is never easy. It is hard work. This honour gives my team and me motivation because our efforts have been recognised and appreciated.

My wife has played a key role in my success, together with my family, she gives me clarity, perspective, love and support. I have also been very fortunate to grow up, guided by the personal philosophies of my parents, seeing them build a business first hand – I’ve seen theirtenacity, their resilience in the difficult times, their commitment to help others and society. In many ways, this honour reflects what my family and parents have taught me, and how I try to lead my life, to lead my business, every day.

To whom do you dedicate this special honour from PropertyGuru Property Report editors?

I am very thankful to all of my team whose ideas, hard work and commitment enables me to stand here today.

I would like to dedicate this honour to my parents, as I said it is their sincerity and personal philosophy to balance work and life, to balance the role of the company with the welfare of its staff and the community. It is these guiding ideals that have helped me to be an effective leader, develop a strong understanding of the local Thai market, and when we expanded internationally, with Frasers Property. They have imparted on me the importance of always learning, always thinking of others, always moving forward.

Why do you believe in masterplanned mixed-use communities? 

The reasons we have cities are the same reasons that mixed-use developments are successful. People work best when we are together. A mixed-use development brings together more people, building more connections brings together ideas, it creates new opportunities and that leads to ways to collaborate and innovate. Mixed-use creates greater economic growth and jobs, and because of the size, mixed-use developments increases efficiency and sustainability due to economies of scale. By creating a single place where people can work, shop, eat, stay, see art, work out or relax without ever needing to travel, more than anything it creates time.

We believe that the fully integrated mixed-use district is a game changer for the modern business and the modern way of life here in Bangkok because it creates time and a better quality of life.

We have 3 major developments underway all in the Bangkok CBD. The PARQ, on the corner of Rachada/Rama IV, Samyan Midrtown, and One Bangkok opposite Lumphini Park. When you combine our three new projects all on the Rama IV innovation corridor along with existing developments and the transport infrastructure, there is a major network effect, enabling the Rama IV and Bangkok to emerge as a leading business gateway to the entire ASEAN region.

What are your core values as a leader?

Always be learning. Listen first, then speak. Surround yourself with good people. Be willing to take risks and challenge yourself. Stay positive. Make work enjoyable. Try to set a good example. Be a positive force for good in the community. Most of all, be inclusive – I believe every single member of the team is equally valuable and has a role to play in the success of the company.

How will you inspire the next generation of real estate leaders in Thailand?

I believe the biggest source of inspiration for the next generation is seeing the impossible made possible. When our chairman, my father Khun Charoen, entrusted me and my team to oversee the development of One Bangkok, the task seems so big, the scale of the project is unprecedentedand is the largest private sector development ever undertaken in Thailand. The land’s heritageis so important, opposite Lumphini Park and even the name of the road Wireless Road, comes from our site where the first radio station mast was originally located.

It may seem impossible to imagine now what our city will be like once One Bangkok is complete. But I believe that what we are creating has been thought through at a level not seen here before. We will set new standards in design and sustainability. We will include smart city innovations, cultural experience and our Thai heritage throughout the development.

Yes, it is a big responsibility but it is also my hope that each of our projects, and especially One Bangkok, can inspire the next generation of real estate leaders and innovators, to enhance our country on the world stage, and to showcase what Thais are capable of when we try to achieve the impossible. During the design and construction process we are constantly looking and finding new, better ways to do things. Sharing that process and those innovations we hope can inspire the next generation to also attempt the impossible themselves.