Tan brothers honoured as first Rising Star awardees at the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards

Lucio Tan III and Kyle Tan pioneering the future of real estate with innovation and heart 

The 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards is proud to announce the first ever recipients of the prestigious Rising Star Award, a recognition granted to individuals who, in a short time span, have demonstrated remarkable achievements and potential within the real estate and related industries. This year, we are delighted to honour two exceptional rising stars who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. 

The Rising Star Award for 2023 is jointly awarded to Lucio Tan III, President and Chief Operating Officer of LT Group, Inc., and Kyle Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. Their achievements and dedication to their roles have set them apart as exceptional young leaders in their industries. 

Lucio Tan III, a technology enthusiast with a strong background in engineering, assumed leadership roles within the Lucio Tan Group, Inc. With his impressive track record, he took on the role of President and Chief Operating Officer at Tanduay Distillers, Inc., steering the company through challenging times and achieving remarkable growth. Mr. Tan’s contributions to Tanduay’s international expansion and partnerships have been instrumental in the company’s success. 

Reflecting on his award, Lucio Tan III stated, “It is both an honour and a privilege to receive the first-ever Philippines Rising Star Award alongside my brother, Kyle. Thank you for recognising the hard work we have been putting into the Lucio Tan Group. This opportunity no less brings the spotlight to our companies on an international level, which will surely give us both the inspiration and motivation to deliver our work even better.” 

Lucio dedicates the award to his grandfather and Chairman of the Lucio Tan Group, Dr. Lucio C. Tan, as well as to the more than 50,000 employees who have played a crucial role in the success of their companies. 

Kyle Tan accepting the award on both of their behalf at the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards

On the other hand, Kyle Tan, a dynamic leader with a background in computer engineering and computer science, has been instrumental in shaping the future of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he has overseen the company’s operations and expansion, focusing on integrated communities and diversification. His commitment to philanthropy is equally remarkable, as evidenced by Eton Properties’ various corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

Expressing his feelings about the award, Kyle Tan shared, “I am honoured and humbled at the same time to be among the first recipients to receive the Philippines Rising Star Award, considering my few years in the industry. I am grateful for the chance to represent our company, Eton Properties, and for the recognition of my potential to lead and deliver on our commitments to our business partners and shareholders.” 

Likewise, Kyle dedicates the award to his grandfather who has been a constant source of inspiration for him and his brother. 

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Both Lucio and Kyle have demonstrated remarkable vision, leadership, and dedication in their respective roles, making them exemplary Rising Stars in the real estate and related industries. 

The Rising Star Award is a testament to their outstanding achievements and the positive impact they have had on the industry. Their dedication to innovation, community development, and nation-building truly embodies the spirit of this prestigious accolade.  

The 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards congratulates Lucio Tan III and Kyle Tan on their well-deserved recognition as the Rising Stars of 2023, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success and contributions to the Philippine real estate landscape in the years to come.  

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