Embassy Business Hub Phase 1

Embassy Business Hub (EBH) is a campus-style business park nestled in the vibrant growth corridor of North Bangalore. Located on New Airport Road, it is conveniently close to Bengaluru Airport, just a mere 20-minute drive away. 

Designed by renowned architectural firm H* Architect (Singapore) in collaboration with RSP Design Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, the Embassy REIT development spans an expansive 59 acres of commercial space. This visionary project is set to transform into a future-ready hub that integrates business and commerce within a complete and thriving ecosystem. 

The building is designed to be energy-efficient, maximising natural daylight to conserve energy. An unmissable feature of its exteriors are balconies that appear to float. These balconies provide employees with a momentary respite from the day’s work, offering them stunning cityscape views. 

EBH’s façade is a futuristic masterpiece with sleek lines, geometric patterns, and pioneering material choices. Biophilic designs take centre stage, evident in the lush vertical gardens cascading down the exterior, creating a scene straight out of a utopian setting. 

Inside, the interiors complement the sleek exteriors: the ground floor introduces a double-height atrium, allowing natural light to flood the space effortlessly. The nature-inspired interiors feature a harmonious blend of wood, stone, and water elements. These design touches are intended to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, creating a sense of oneness with the natural environment. 

The landscape features serve as a biodiversity haven with a flourishing ecosystem of native plants, shrubs, and trees. Together, these elements create a living, breathing space that transcends conventional architectural boundaries. 

Covering an expansive 14 acres, Phase I development is well underway, with four acres already completed and pre-leased to the prestigious Fortune 500 company, Philips (R&D Centre). Upon its anticipated completion, this cutting-edge facility will stand tall at 58 metres, encompassing three basements, a ground floor, 13 upper floors, and a terrace, providing a generous leasable area of 660,000 square feet.  

A testament to its dedication to sustainable development and responsible resource utilisation, Phase I proudly adheres to LEED Platinum certification standards. Within EBHs Phase I, a lively plaza graces the southern part adjacent to the Information Centre. This vibrant space houses a food court, marketing suite, creche, various retail spaces, and additional amenities, enhancing the overall experience for occupants and visitors alike.

EBH will cater to tenants requirements by offering a range of essential amenities, including dedicated facilities for electric vehicle parking. The project is also designed with inclusivity in mind, featuring specially designated parking spaces for differently-abled individuals, while well-thought-out entry and exit ramps contribute to convenient accessibility. Balancing functionality with aesthetics, the structure incorporates planned architectural façade lighting, adding to both its visual appeal and practicality. 

This development was named Winner, Best Office Development at the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (India) 2023. 

Developer: Embassy REIT
Product type: Office
Architect: H* Architect(Singapore) / RSP Design Consultants ( India) Pvt Ltd
Facilities: EV parking facilities, designated spaces for differently-abled individuals, CCTV security for parking, entry and exit ramps, architectural facade lighting

The Property Report editors wrote this feature. For more information about the development, visit embassyofficeparks.com.