New COVID-19 cases cause dip in tourist arrivals to Macau

The tourism sector is disappointed as only 6,700 tourists arrived during Golden Week  

The 2020 figure was already 87.4 percent lower than the same period in 2019. WRstudio/Shutterstock

After the city of Macau recently detected new cases of COVID-19, the number of tourist arrivals saw a dip on the fourth day of Golden Week at 1,800 visitors, reported Macau Daily Times 

According to data by the Public Security Police, there were only around 6,700 arrivals between October 1 to 4, which slightly disheartened the tourism sector and local retailers.  

The figure equates to a 91.3 percent decrease compared to the 77,000 tourists welcomed over four days in Golden Week last year.  

The 2020 figure was already 87.4 percent lower than the same period in 2019.  

Data from the Macau Government Tourism Office indicated that visitor arrivals to the city from September 10 to 16 recorded at 201,891.  

Prior to the recent cases, the upcoming Golden Week was expected to boost tourist arrivals for the tourism industry, with authorities forecasting around 40,000 arrivals during the seven-day national holiday. 

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However, on September 27, authorities said that only 10,000 tourists entered the region that day.  

Considering this current situation, Zhuhai authorities have implemented a 14-day quarantine requirement for arrivals from Macau.  

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